Parking discs


Whilst commiserating with W.A.’s “lot” in the November issue, I was pleased to hear another opinion of the sour-faced female warden of Richmond.

I, too, drove into Richmond this summer. I didn’t stop to read the small print on the parking signs as this would have added to the already considerable traffic chaos.

Having parked, my wife and I spent a few pounds in the local shops and I returned to the car to find her peering through the window. The walking advertisement for Richmond then proceeded to threaten, abuse and finally lecture me on the town’s parking system. As by this time I was inside the car, windows shut and engine running, I didn’t find out how to obtain a parking disc. This is of little account, however, as I shall not be returning to Richmond!

Finally, I should like to ask Mr. Tooze how his council managed to spend £30,000 on introducing a disc parking area which only utilises the existing market square. Perhaps he was overcharged for all those nice explanatory parking signs?

J. De Haveningham.