Miniature News



MECCANO have introduced larger Dinky miniatures, which they say makes “die-cast history”. ‘The first of the new models is of the Ford Capri 3000 GXL. As the scale is 1/25 this miniature measures 175 mm., Or 6 7/8 in, in length. This is a welcome move to those of us who like the bigger models. Although the new big Dinkys are not so large as the pre-war tin-plate P2 Alfa Romeo, Citroën and Hispano-Suiza models (my Hispano-Suiza tourer is 19 in. long overall, bumper to trunk and the clockwork Citroëns measure 16 in, long) this detailed Ford Capri is 73 mm., or nearly three inches, longer than the previous Dinky Ford Capri to 1/42 Scale. The big Dinky Capri has a simulated vinyl roof, a blue metallic finish, and even its wheels are cast reproductions of the real Ford’s magnesium wheels. The doors, bonnet and boot-lid open, and the bigger scale enables the best use to be made of the scale dashboard, moving gear lever, tipping seat-backs, dual screen-wipers and the realistic engine details. There should be a big demand for this bigger model, which has a recommended UK retail price of £2.75. The Ref. No. is 2162. In the normal Dinky size, there is a Meccano miniature of a BLMC Range Rover ambulance. This is to a scale of 1/42, making it 4¼ in. long, and the recommended price is 99p.—W.B.