A Good Tonic


I have read several times over your article in regard to the TR6 which you have the mis-fortune to own. A little encouraging news is always a good tonic for someone in your position and I have some such news for you. There are two “one in 10,000 bastards” and I’ve got the other one!!! There are very probably more but their owners are too busy crying to write to you.

To list all the problems on my TR6 would bore you as much as it bores me but suffice to say that your problems are similar to mine almost in every way. The dealers from whom I bought the car do not seem capable of putting the thing right and although a new little fault appears regularly most of the main complaints I have had recur. My main concern now is that the car has covered 9,000 miles and is in danger of actually reaching the all important limit. Perhaps you can let me know the position if, when the car has run out of warranty period, the same problems occur that I have previously complained about.

I suppose I should have bought a Toledo. That is the car they (the dealers) lend me when my car is in for repair and I haven’t had any trouble with that.

East Preston, Sussex. R. KETCHEN.