Maxi V. GS



Maxi v. GS


Since I have recently exchanged a ’73 1750 Maxi on which I did 15,000 miles for a ’74 1220 G Special on which I have done 2,000 miles, I found letters in November’s MOTOR SPORT particularly interesting. I feel I am in the position to make the following comparison, albeit on a sample of one Maxi and one GS. The GS has better brakes, better suspension and probably higher maximum speed though in all cases the superiority is only marginal. The Maxi on the other hand has infinitely better carburetion, much more precise gear-change, quieter transmission, better finish and, obviously, much more space.

From your article “On Citroen” it appears I am not alone in thinking there is a serious design shortcoming in the GS carburetion as is apparent from the sooty exhaust, flat spots and, of course, the miserable m.p.g. However unlike you I have had no trouble in starting but the temperamental, thirsty little beast is a swine to drive in traffic for the first few miles. How anyone can seriously suggest that British car makers should take notice of the GS, I cannot understand unless it is to avoid similar shortcomings.

Allington L. R. JENKINS