Which was the first R-R Silver Ghost?


If Mr. Driscoll looks at "Plate 21 (lower)" in Kenneth Ullyett's book, "The Book of the Silver Ghost", he will see several 40/50 Silver Ghost cars photographed at the top of Cat-and-Fiddle Hill in Derbyshire during the 15,000-mile Trial. Among them are AX 192, AX 201, and AX 205. It must be borne in mind that "The first Silver Ghost" which, as Mr. Driscoll quite rightly says, was AX 201 (Chassis No. 60551), was a works car before being sold to Mr. Dan Hanbury. It is therefore possible that Rolls-Royce had a series of numbers starting at least at AX 192 and stretching as far as AX 210. I am not, however, able to find a photograph of a car bearing that number.