Stag bothers


Mr. H. J. Wibner (letters, November) surely knows more Stags than I, but the following quick fix for one of our troubles may be of interest.

My ’72 car, in the family three months, over-pressurises its cooling system, apparently from gas leaks whose origin I haven’t found yet, blowing out water through the 20lb pressure cap of the plastic overflow tank, whose intake unfortunately originates well below header tank water level. Adoption of SAAB’s solution with their related engine, installation of a remote, higher, header tank, with intake at the highest point of the radiator, and with a lower poundage (say 15) cap, allows intruding high pressure gas to blow off harmlessly, and the fluid content of the new remote header is available should the rad require it.

Addition of a couple of jars of Bar’s Leaks two weeks ago appears to have abolished the necessity for adding water at my routine 300 mile checks. For the moment. Nothing pours from the tail pipes, and the sump oil level ain’t rising either!

No permanent alteration or modification is needed for this dodge; I’d be happy to provide Mr. Wibner with the BSP angle needed and whatever further detail he requires.

The Stag is a near miss, and well worth persevering with; let’s conserve the species.