Missing Trophy

The VSCC would like to run the main race at its Donnington meeting next year for the Nuffield Trophy, for old-times' sake, although, in fact, the pre-war races of this name were confined to cars of up to 1½-litres. The difficulty is that it cannot locate the Nuffield Trophy that it considers should be awarded to the winner. The last driver to receive this was Prince Bira, but his manager Prince Chula presumably returned the Trophy, retaining only the Replicas. Peter Hull of the VSCC stats that "as Motor Sport has 1½-million readers he hopes one of them may be able to provide a lead as to the present whereabouts of the Nuffield Trophy". The winners to date of this race have been: Mays (ERA), Fairfield (ERA), Martin (ERA), Fairfield (ERA), from 1934 to 1937, with Bira and his ERA winning the last two in the series, in 1938 and 1939. So whatever happens, an ERA must try to win the race on May 12th! - W. B.