BOC Prize-Giving

The Bugatti Owners Club held its annual Prize-Giving Luncheon at the Chateau Impney at Droitwich on November 26th last year, with their new Chairman Barry Price in control. We went in a Porsche 928, expecting to mingle with many exotic motor-cars. But the ice that morning had kept all the Bugattis at home, for fear of salt-pollution, and the car-park had only a light dusting of Ferraris and another Porsche.

The splendid display of silverware was handed out to the deserving recipients by Christine Rippon, wife of the past-Chairman. Among those who came up to receive their prizes were Roy Lane (Victor Ludorum Trophy, Cheltenham Trophy and Staniland Trophy), Ian Preston (Brackenbury Trophy), Richard Fry (Welsh Trial Trophy), Ray Mallock (Birkett Trophy), Martin Rolson (Haggis Trophy), Charles Barton and John Wilford (the David Porter Trophies), Carol Wainwright (the David Porter Ladies’ Trophy), Frank Wall (Rolt Trophy and the candlesticks), Tim Cameron (500-c.c. Hill-Climb Trophy), James Else (Duggie Haigh Trophy), Nigel Arnold-Forster (Jean Bugatti Trophy), Roger Howard (Bachelier Challenge Trophy), Joy Rainey (Elizabeth Junek Trophy), John Marks (Miller Trophy), Peter Agg (Brescia Challenge Trophy), David Bowles (John Browning Cup, for best post-1959 Ferrari), Eric Bassett (pvt Porter Trophy), Michael Bolster (Other-Makes Challenge Cup), etc. while BOC pennants were awarded to Mrs. Preston and Roger Wallasby. If this does not make sense blame it on the refreshment provided…. – W. B.