BBC Commentaries

I am a 15-year-old girl, and am an avid car tan. My father has a Healey Sprite and a TR4. As I like cars, I always wateld Grands Prix, and other motoring events on the television. I am however disgusted by the BBC commentator, Murray Walker. I could do the commentating better than him. Several times he has mixed up team members, when even I can tell the driver by the car’s rumber. He also seems to get cars’ faults wrong, and he has had time to prepare his commentary as the GPs go out live. My father tells me what is wrong, and is usually right. He misses retirements, often for several laps. Why oh why did he stop his commentary for the TT, on the corner where nothing happened? Thank heavens lean rely on Motor Sport to give me an accurate picture of what happened. Keep up the good work.

Edgbaston – Claire Harrison

Ps Please explain in a future issue,

(a) points system.

(b), how the numbers are chosen for each driver – nobody it seems can answer that.