Every year that goes by (eighteen so far) the 911 gets a little better

A little closer to perfection. A fact recognised by the ladies and gentlemen of the motoring press who, unremittingly use words like ‘supercar: ‘classic: ‘gem; ‘staggering performance. ‘impeccable finish’ and (good grief!) ‘sensible:

The question is: how much closer to perfect can the 911 get before it becomes downright insufferable?

Porsche engineers have already squeezed an amazing 204 bhp out of its 3 litre engine.

It can rocket from rest to 60 mph in a mere 5.8 seconds.

But its fuel consumption is anything but that normally associated with cars of this ilk.

Its finish has already reached a state where the word flawless is used without hesitation.

It dams to offer a 7 year ‘leave-it-alone’ unique warranty against body corrosion.

And what more can one possibly say about its classic shape, perhaps the most recognisable in sportscardom?

Mind you. there was a complaint once about the positioning of one of the switches on the instrument panel. Ah, well, there’s always next year

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