The Brooklands Situation

Following last month’s announcement of further setbacks to the plans for developing the “Forty Acres” area of Brooklands Track axon Aviation and Racing Car Museum and for Brooklands Society and Motor Club purposes (this 40 acres became 35 acres and now Gallaher’s, the tenants, speak of 14 acres), an emergency meeting was held between Elmbridge Borough Council and Gallaher’s representatives. We understand that strong opposition was expressed to proposals for demolition of more of the historic Members’ banking and other detrimental plans.

A further meeting at Walton Town Hall on November 29th broke up after a very brief discussion, because it was voted to refer the distressing position to the Secretary of State for the Environment. We understand that the view was also expressed that the RAC, as the governing body of motoring sport in this country, should have been consulted, on the grounds that it must be concerned not only for active race-circuits, but also for endangered historic ones.

Another meeting was scheduled for three weeks later, after this issue of Motor Sport had closed for press. We hope to publish details of what took place next month. — W.B.