Conti Tyre System

The German tyre manufacturer, Conti, has announced the ultimate in run-flat tyres which, it hopes, will be adopted by motor manufacturers and be in production in three to five year’s time. Unlike just about every other safety or run-flat tyre yet designed, the Conti System puts the tyre bead into a flange on the inner part of the rim so that the well (which is virtually flat) runs in close proximity to the cover, and even with a loss of pressure can boron safely for hundreds of miles.

Conti claim for the tyre that it offers 10% improvements in driving comfort, wet skid resistance, mileage and wheel weight, while offering 15.4, more space for fitting brakes and a 15% improvement in rolling resistance, and a 25% improvement in aquaplaning behaviour. In other words, it offers complete all-round improvements rather than compromises.