End of an era?


I have just returned with my two sons from a splendid, but somewhat wet, day in Sutton Park to watch a stage of the Lombard RAC Rally.

We have watched the RAC Rally for, I suppose, 12 years and have always been totally absorbed by the spectacle of colour, speed and sound in beautiful settings. (There are nicer ones than Sutton Park.) How sad it is, therefore, that the great spectacle of “super-cars” is about to disappear.

It seems strange that in these days when the motor industry, looking forward, this backward step should be forced upon it. I well appreciate the safety aspects that are bound up within the new regulations but these rather drastic measures do seem to be an over reaction: is there not a more moderate approach? I don’t have the answers, but I do hope that next year’s RAC Rally will be just as spectacular.