Readers' requests

A reader is trying to trace the history of his 1934 Alvis Speed-20 Vanden Plas tourer (registration No WP 608). It was originally owned by Mr WEC Watkinson of Malvern, in whose hands it won coachwork awards in three successive RAC Rallies, those of 1935-37, and thus got its picture in Motor Sport.

The log-books of that period are in the present owner’s possession, and show that Mr Watkinson bought a 4.3-litre Alvis in June 1938. The Speed-20 was then advertised for sale by Anderson’s of Piccadilly, for £195. Eighteen years later it was in Wolverhampton.

The present owner has had it since 1968, and it is the intervening years in which he is interested. He has been a keen Motor Sport reader since buying his first car (an MG J2) in 1952, and has an Alpine Rally Jaguar XK120 as well as the Alvis.

One of our readers is also researching a Wolseley Hornet Special seeks information about its coachbuilder, Meredith Coachcraft of Birmingham. Letters can be forwarded. WB