VSCC Eastern Rally

On October 23 the VSCC's annual Eastern Rally map-reading event had entries ranging from Ron Barker's towering Renault 45 and a 1923 Benz to four A7s; best performance was made by J Potter's 1930 Lea-Francis.

First-class awards were won by A Jones (30/98), Mrs John (Frazer Nash), P Cassell (Riley), P Binns (HRG) and J Burnell (Alvis), second-class awards by P Hart (Humber), P Gallifant (Alvis), T Irwin (Riley), B Ducker (Riley) and R Odell (Riley), and third-class awards by P Morgan (Humber), P Weston (A7), R Collings (Bentley), A Rippon (Lancia), A Cameron (Fiat), C Boyer (AC) and A Lupton (Lea-Francis). The Novice Award went to J Hirons (MG), the Navigator's Award to T Jones, and the Barrett Trophy to B Hughes for navigating the winner. WB.