Grand Prix dismay

As a regular spectator at Silverstone since 1966, I have watched with increasing concern the way in which admission charges have risen in line with a relative decline in spectator facilities, particularly at International meetings.

I was dismayed to read in a recent edition of The Times that the minimum admission charge to the 1989 British Grand Prix will be £30. This is daylight robbery in spite of the claimed improvements. Banking changes may have taken place, but the spectator still has to stand in a sea of mud when it rains. The public address system is indistinct and inaudible and the location and number of position/lap boards inadequate. The new fencing around the circuit has spoilt the spectator’s view of the cars, and has deterred many enthusiasts who like to take photographs, myself included.

I feel very sad for the many enthusiasts who have followed Grand Prix racing over the years and now seem to be regarded as objects to be milked of their hard-earned wages and salaries. I am fed up with this attitude shown towards spectators recently and consider that many enthusiasts will voice similar views on this topic. Silverstone International meetings no longer represent value for money in my opinion and the organisers should beware of “Killing the Goose” . . .

Malcolm Nichols, Headington, Oxford