They're not just any old cars, so why use just any old oil?



They’re not just any old cars, so why use just any old oil?

Everyone has a car they love. For some people, the ‘exceedingly eye-worthy, fast and accelerative’

iitGull-wing, as Auto Car described it in 1955, gets the heart racing.

For others, Alec Issigonis’s chirpy, cheerful, and cheap Mini can bring on palpitations.

But, whatever the car, there can be no denying that they become more than something to take us from A to B, not least because of the special memories that go hand in hand with them. (And we don’t just mean those made on the back seat.)

Not for these vehicles, names such as GLS,• Ghia or GTI. Instead, Betsy, Fred or The Beast. Few can deny that they haven’t whiled away time

just admiring their ‘baby.’ Particularly, after hours of car wax, chrome polish, and grease (especially the elbow variety)

have been employed. Yet, despite all the attention lavished on the outside, in many cases, little is given to the inside, Namely, the engine, and more importantly, the oil that’s used. Which isn’t surprising. After all, no one gets excited about

‘viscosity, or ‘SAE 15/40W.’ Instead it’s the thrill of driving your ‘pride and joy’ and drawing envious looks that makes

you feel on top of the world. Of course, all of us check that the engine is topped-up with oil. But have you ever checked that you’re topping-up your car

with the right sort of oil?

Put 32 pints of the wrong lubricant into a Gull-wing (yes, it really does take that much) and the only place the engine will make it to is the scrapyard. Which is why, if you want to keep the car that moves you, moving, the oil it uses had better be care fully considered. And, as most

of us have been led to believe, there’s just one oil to consider. An all-purpose multigrade.

But we think anyone who recommends this is definitely talking out of their ‘big end!

Because just as every car different so is the oil it needs. As you’re probably aware,

moving cars need a fast moving oil if high revs and resulting high temperatures are to be overcome. So, for racing thoroughbreds from the stables of Ferrari or Porsche, only a thin oil will do. Whereas, if a Mini is to see its owners through • thick and thin the

oil used had better be thick. For the simple reason that a thick lubricant fills the gaps that the

engineers of the past couldn’t. You can see now why we don’t make an all-purpose multigrade

but instead a variety of oils. But isn’t there a wide enough

range of oils on the market already?

Yes indeed.

But who can honestly say that they know what words such as ‘zirconium-inter-quasar’ and `XF3/20 Hyperlube’ mean? Our answer, apart from a shrug of the shoulders, is ‘who cares?’ Because we believe that choosing the oil with the right performance for your car should

be a simple affair, not a performance. So, bearing this in mind, we’ve produced a range of oils that leaves far less room for slip-ups. Hence, Auto 2, Auto 4 and Auto 7. A range that gives any engine, be it old, modern, or high performance, the protection it needs, ensuring that your favourite

‘run-around’ doesn’t become a ‘run

down-run-around’? Now we wouldn’t say the reasons for choosing one oil over

another are simple. (Something our research de partment frequently remind us of when they’re after a raise.)

what is simple is to ask some one at your Q8 garage what oil

you need.

For here you’ll find someone who won’t treat your car just like any old car. So you can rest assured that

whatever car gets you going, we will have an oil that gets it going. G18