Here no diesel. See no diesel. Smell no diesel.



Hear no diesel. See no diesel. Smell no diesel.

“Great for economy but bad for

ecology.” A common enough complaint with

diesels. Believe it or not, though, they actually emit 25% less carbon dioxide

than a petrol engine with a catalyst. Despite this, we at Volkswagen

have not been idle. The fruits of our labours are there

for all to see.

Or rather, not see. For with the arrival of our ‘environ ment dieselcof fumes there is scarcely

a trace. How so? By equipping our new 1.6

litre engine with a turbo charger. Turbo-charging increases the air flow to the combustion chambers, making for (you guessed it) better


Fire, so to speak, without smoke. Our new diesel is also equipped with an oxidation catalyst. It snuffles 50% of smelly stuff called polycyclic

hydrocarbons. As for the effect of all this on we’re only too happy

come clean. Compared to our previous diesel slouch itself), you get 10% more

And 11% more power. Wunderbar, you say. But what of

noise element. Come now, we’re talking about Volkswagen diesel. Which, $rit) its own quiet way, says all. Umwelt Diesel SALES 01.486 8411