TASO Mathieson

The very sad news is that TASO Mathieson has died after a long bout of ill-health, in France, where he had been living for many years. TASO was a keen motor-racing amateur, commencing with an OM at Brooklands but better known for his Bugattis, often raced for him by Chris Staniland. Ill health kept him out of racing for a time but he returned before the war to finish third at Chimay with a 57S Bugatti and to co-drive at Le Mans with de Clifford and Chinetti with Talbot-Lagos. After peace had broken out TASO was quick to return to Continental racing, with an ex-Birkin Maserati, and a Le Mans Frazer Nash in sports-car events.

TASO gained many placings and class wins in these cars and with a Ferrari he won his class in the 1952 Targa Florio. He then acquired a sports Maserati with which he did well in further Continental races and drove a San Remo Maserati at Brands Hatch. After retiring from the circuits TASO went to live in France with his actress-wife Sonia but he took a great interest in the Brooklands Society, becoming its President and coming over for its reunions, which might involve walking from Weybridge Station. Living abroad, Mathieson was able to collect a great many motor-racing photographs, which formed the basis of two books, his "Racing Cars, 1919-1939" (MRP 1963) and "Grand Prix Racing, 1906-1914", compiled when he was in Portugal in 1965. No-one loved motor-racing more than this enthusiast, who reflected the old school of rich amateurs. WB