A linguist writes




Denis Jenkinson was surely misguided when he wrote (Letter to Readers, December) that Senna’s outburst in Japan only received a panning in English newspapers.

As a matter of fact, both French and Italian journals which I have read since the Suzuka race have also been sharply critical of the Brazilian’s behaviour. The point is, Senna’s outburst was intolerable no matter what tongue it was delivered in.

Recently, I rewatched a video of the 1990 F1 season. After his second celebrated collision with Prost, Senna denies absolutely that he was in any way responsible for what happened. One year on, his post-Suzuka remarks prove that he was lying through his teeth.

Much as I respect his uncanny skill behind the wheel, he still has much to learn if he wishes to be regarded as a true sportsman.

J Collier,

Grasse, France.