Pirelli Album of Motor Racing Heros, by John Surtees. Boxtree Ltd. £25.00.

Rather as the BBC has gone into publishing, so has John Surtees become an author; but he has the excuse that he has retired from racing, as an ex-world champion in the car and motorcycle worlds. His new book is full of fine photographs, reproduced as one has come to expect in Pirelli-sponsored publications, of the 20 drivers the book describes, starting with Nuvolari and ending with Ayrton Senna, with a pictorial appreciation of Surtees himself. John gives his views on the drivers he knew well and I would have liked more of this. As it is, the book stands mainly on its excellent picture portrayal of the “greats” of recent times (with four from the pre 1940 scene). Surtees worked with Sydney Higgins on this covetable 160-page book.