Stand up and write




It is daily becoming more apparent that it is no longer sufficient for old car enthusiasts to maintain a lobbyist at Brussels, but essential that we join the fight to withdraw every aspect of the EC (other than free trade) and return to government by Westminster alone.

We have all seen the never ending list of lunatic EC directives: the waste; the incompetence; the fraud; the 48-hour limit on the working week, worked on days specified by a Greek Commissioner. Insane restrictions multiply on every aspect of our lives, from the curvature of cucumbers to our ability to get the job done. Now we are threatened with licences to keep budgies, elimination of mph markings from new British cars from January 1 1993 and, under the Maastricht Treaty, EC commissars will have the power by majority vote to require Britain to drive on the right.

It is inevitably only a matter of time before these idiotic busybodies decree that it is no longer permissible for our 20, 30 or even 90 year-old motor cars to have unrestricted access to our roads. Some EC countries already have such restrictions, and elsewhere we have seen lobbying by car manufacturers and politicians to have cars over 10 or 20 years old compulsorily scrapped. More than most, old car people appreciate the history and tradition of these islands, and have no wish to be submerged in a Federal European state of mind-numbing bureaucratic incompetence.

British enthusiasts have an unrivalled record of achievement in renovation. Preservation of the enjoyment of thousands of amateur restorers, thousands of jobs and the success of hundreds of companies is dependent on freedom to work long hours when necessary, without interference from EC Bureaucrats, secure in their limousines as they waft home at 15.00 on a Friday, dreaming of their pensions.

We must act now if we are to continue to enjoy using our vehicles freely on the road and be free to work whatever hours we choose. I urge every reader to join the fight against the cloud cuckoo-land of the EC, the pious pipedream of politicians who can not read the lessons of history evident in the collapse of the USSR, and in the imminent disintegration of Italy and even Canada.

Join the Campaign for an Independent Britain (081 340 03 14), write to your MP and other politicians and make your voice heard. We are the majority and the majority must fight back. Or take up stamp collecting instead.

IR Francis, Petersfield, Hants.