NMM Trophy for WB



It was a pleasant surprise for WB to learn that he had been awarded the new National Motor Museum Prince Henry Trophy for 1993. Judged by the Museum’s Advisory Council, the citation reads: “The judges all agreed without hesitation in pronouncing WB the winner, all agreeing that the work he has done over the years through his writing for Motor Sport was a major contribution to the world of the historic vehicle and its preservation”.

The trophy, which is a glass-cased model of a “Prince Henry” Vauxhall accurate to the last detail, was presented to the winner by Michael Ware, the Museum’s curator, and his assistant Mike Lucas. After his usual modesty act of “Why me?” Bill replied: “I am overwhelmed at being voted the recipient of this splendid Trophy. May I say thank you to those who put my name forward and to the Advisory Council who voted for me. I have had a long association with the Museum at Beaulieu, from the 1950s onwards, and I am so pleased that you picked Gerald Wingrove to make the Trophy; no one could have depicted a “Prince Henry” Vauxhall more accurately”.