Data Files 2

The life and inventions of George Constantinesco, to whom we referred in Motor Sport some time back, is the subject of Data Files 2 from M W Models of 4 Greys Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon RG9 1RY. This A4-size soft-cover 56-page document has an account of the inventor himself, his work on the Constantinesco interrupter-gear which enabled a pilot of a fighter aeroplane to fire through the revolving propeller, giving a great advantage in the aerial battles of WWI, and the Constantinesco Torque Converter, which made a gearbox unnecessary on motor cars. There is even a picture of the Meccano model of the converter, and much about the 500cc twin-cylinder Constantinesco light car which had the converter between its two cylinders and a very neat FWB chassis, the work I believe of the Constantinesco Company — if not, whose chassis was it?

The account is by Ian Constantinesco; it costs £19.95 post free in the UK, or £12 in a plain-paper edition, from the above address. WB