I was most interested to have my attention turned to the above car in the October 1998 edition of Motor Sport.

This car belonged to my brother-in-law Alec Pool, who bought it from a Captain Robert of Rozel, Jersey.

It was a straight-eight open tourer which he acquired for £25.00! He and my husband were both mechanically minded, as was their father, who incidentally opened the first garage and also constructed the first car in Jersey around 1901/2.

The photograph shown in Motor Sport was taken on the sands at St Ovells Bay, Jersey, possibly in 1936. The smaller one was taken at Bouley Bay Hill Climb, which is now included in the British National Hill Climb Calendar.

When the occupation of Jersey took place in 1940 a German officer decided he would like the I-F, which was kept in a garage half of which the Germans took over, and had it shipped presumably to Germany. Nothing more was heard of it.

I am, yours, etc. Yvonne Pool, St. Brelade, Jersey