Sun on the Grid

By Ken Stewart and Norman Reich

Bookmarque Publishing, £65.00. ISBN 1-870519-56-6

I never cease to be amazed by how much correspondence we receive from South Africa whose residents comprise our staunchest supporters and sternest critics. To many of them, this book will prove familiar, at it was first published back in 1967.

Essentially it is a history of racing in South Africa, up to the date of original publication. It certainly does not lack thoroughness, comprising actual lap charts of some races as well as tables of lap speeds both at Kyalami and East London plus maps of the 10 circuits in use in South Africa at the time.

It's an interesting book, told with zest and enthusiasm, and its value to those interested in the country and its racing history is undoubted. Others, however, might find insufficient within its covers to make sense. All the colour pictures from the original have been reproduced in black and white so, from the start, the book is lacking in the visual department. Then, of course, there is the small matter of the price, a whopping £65 for 232 pages of text. For that kind of money, frankly, the average punter is going to expect more than what's on offer here.