Replica Jaguar D-Type race series is gearing up for 2003

Massed ranks of Jaguar D-types will swarm British circuits in 2003. If you fancy a grid position in all of this, but lack the necessary half-million, don’t despair, because the 25-car races will be made up of purpose-built replicas.

Revival Motorsport of Kirkby in Leicestershire has designed its £40,000 D-type to be more than just a lookalike. It has used Jaguar components throughout to give as authentic an experience as possible, while incorporating modem safety features

The chassis uses a spaceframe, while the body is made from composites and Kevlar for durability, but from the outside, and with the bonnet raised, it’s hard to tell that this is a modern racing car, especially as it sits on replica Dunlop racing wheels. Powering all of this is a 300bhp 4.2-litre XK motor driving through a five-speed ‘box and Salisbury differential. Performance is very strong: the Revival D -type has more than enough grunt to bum off modem supercars on a track.

The handling balance is very neutral — Revival will set the car up to suit individuals — while the non-assisted steering has decent feel.

Revival will provide complete packages for participants so that all they have to do is turn up and compete. Drivers can choose between an eightor 16-race package, with prices of £19,900 and £34,900 (both plus VAT), respectively. Drivers get to choose their car’s colours and there’s space for sponsor logos

Contact Revival Motorsport on 01455 292833 or [email protected], or check out the website at

Alisdair Suttie