Pirelli world rallying: 2002-2003

By Martin Holmes

ISBN 0-9521639-9-3

Published by Martin Holmes Rallying, £19.95

Once, when sharing a car with the author of this book on a Rally of Argentina, we screeched to an excited stop. For Martin had spotted a competing car that he’d never seen before and wanted to photograph it a Fiat Regata, I think. Even though it was the just-homologated 2-litre job (I think), it was not something that would float most people’s boats.

But Martin Holmes is not most people. He’s rapt with the minutiae of the sport he loves, and packs as much of it as is humanly possible into his end-of-year annuals – of which this is his 25th. These are not the visual feasts you might expect from such a photogenic sport, but if you want to know who won the Uruguayan national title, or whether or not rallying will ever catch on in the US, this is the book for you. Buy it and Rallycourse, and you will have all bases (stages?) covered. PF