Motor racing at Goodwood in the sixties

By Tony Gardiner

ISBN 1-903706-49-1

Published by Veloce, £9.99

Neat and pocketable this hardback features unpublished amateur photos of the scenic Sussex circuit.

Many of the racing shots are clearly taken from the public enclosure, with the cars miles away, but the point here is atmosphere, not reportage. Paddock shots are more rewarding, catching not only famous faces but also the everyday background ignored by the pros at the time, but now glowing in the light of nostalgia. Model-makers will revel in the amount of duffelcoat detail.

Chatty captions offer inside knowledge, and Gardiner includes some of his own pen sketches of cars and local pubs.

The book is let down by a jumbled layout, and needed a little more editing, but it makes for an enjoyable historical wallow. GC