Schumacher – end of an era?

Formula 1’s most successful driver ever has climbed from the cockpit of his Ferrari 248, removed his HANS device, hung up his overalls and – rather than preparing a new fitness regime for the winter months and testing new aerodynamic upgrades for next year’s car – is now relaxing with his family. We followed Schumacher’s every move during his sensational Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, and on page 76 you can read about his breathtaking drive and how his weekend compares with the last grands prix of other multiple champions, including Fangio, Graham Hill, Lauda, Senna and Prost.

One man who has received a few of Schumacher’s dubious on-track moves is Damon Hill. Simon Taylor has lunch with him this issue on page 38. Damon is always animated and eloquent in interviews, but now that 10 years have passed since he won the F1 title, he talks with fresh honesty about his race career. Will we have to wait until 2016 before Schumacher speaks with honesty about Adelaide ’94, Jerez ’97 or Monaco ’06?

And will he return to racing and display the dedication he’s shown in F1 in sports cars, the DTM or rallying? In the future, will we remember Michael for his seven F1 titles or as a diverse driver who excelled at the many disciplines in which he raced?

Richard Robinson, Editor