Piquet boo


Having enjoyed the December issue immensely on a round-trip train journey today, I feel moved to write in relation to the treatment of Piquet in this edition. The Editorial and the Nigel Roebuck column (which I enjoy) seem keen to decry a three-time World Champion beyond what I would assess as the reasonable writing that we normally enjoy in Motor Sport. Nelson Sr has excelled in managing ‘his man’, surely? Flavio Briatore has by contrast been exposed in the process as – at best – a little short on managing key staff!

I’d be the first to question the ultimate destiny of Nelson Jr’s talent – but Nelson Sr did win three world titles, and did so with an inspirational (street-fighting?) style that surely commands some respect. I would also suggest that this same champion style is recognisable in the excellent efforts of (among others) Mansell, Lauda, Jody Scheckter, Alan Jones, Bruce McLaren, Fangio and Moss.

Nelson Sr beat the protagonists at their own game – like a World Champion would.

Fergus McBride, Bristol, Avon