Ten facts about the Bloodhound SSC project

Bloodhound reached 210mph in 8sec at Newquay. By way of comparison, the Bugatti Chiron takes 13.1sec to reach 186mph.

2 If Bloodhound does achieve 1000mph, it will represent the largest margin by which the world land speed record has ever been broken.

Under full acceleration, Bloodhound SSC will be travelling faster than a bullet fired from one of Smith & Wesson’s .357 Magnums.

Bloodhound measures 13.47 metres – and is capable of covering its own length in less than three hundredths of a second…

5 …or, to put that another way, Bloodhound will cross the equivalent of four-and-a-half football pitches in just one second.

Pilot Green must allow Bloodhound to decelerate naturally down to 800mph, the highest speed at which he will be permitted to apply the air brake.

7 The temperature inside Bloodhound’s rockets will reach 3000 degrees centigrade – or double that within a volcano.

America’s Black Rock Desert is no longer suitable for record attempts due to lack of rain – and being churned by the annual Burning Man Festival.

Bloodhound SSC’s wheels measure 91cm in diameter, are 12cm wide – and will rotate 172 times per second at 1050mph.

10 With fuel and driver, Bloodhound weighs 7786kg. More than 1000kg of that will be hydrogen peroxide, carried to power the car’s rocket.