Round the Clubs, July 1924

The Surbiton Motor Club.
The Surbiton Motor Club came into existence four years ago, and its membership numbers round about 200 each year. Many well known personalities in the motor world are connected with the Surbiton Club, Professor Low, as President, being supported by a strong body of officials comprised of some of the most experienced men in competition organisation.

Many valuable trophies are offered each year for trials. Amongst these are the Sopwith 200 Guinea Cup, presented by Mr. T. O. M. Sopwith for a One Day Reliability Trial ; the Mellano Loo Guinea Cup, presented by Mr. A. V. Mellano for a Reliability Trial ; the Low Cup, presented by Professor A. M. Low for the fastest member rider at the Annual Race Meeting ; and the Spikins Cup, presented by Mr. R. G. Spikins for a half-day Sporting Solo Trial, which is always a real “Colonial Blind”.

Annually the Surbiton Club organise the only open amateur team trial for the Maude’s Challenge Shield, presented by Mr. George Pettyt. This event is a most popular one, and is invariably well supported. The present holders are the Epsom and District M.C.

The annual race meeting is booked for Saturday, July 19th, at Brooklands, and is open to both ears and motor cycles. A night trial is to be held on August 2nd and 3rd, this being the annual London—Barnstaple reliability test.

The social events are always well supported. As an instance, the dinner and dance held last December at the Hotel Cecil may be mentioned. At this function, 200 members and friends were present. The Hon. Secretary of the Surbiton Motor Club is Mr. H. Lambert, 47, Church Road, Richmond, Surrey.

Essex Motor Club.
As befits one of the longest-established, most influential and most sporting of clubs, the Essex Motor Club has provided its members with an interesting programme for the present season.

This includes a Brooklands Meeting on July 23rd. There are also to be picnics at Withyham, Tunbridge Wells, on July 6th, and on Dunstable Downs on July 20th; the Eastern Centre Speed Trials are to be held at Harling Road on July 24th, and on August 10th there will be an all-day run to Castle Hedingham. Another picnic is fixed for August 24th at Walton-on-the-Naze ; a hill climb at Kop on September 6th, and, finally, a concluding Brooklands Meeting on October 4th.

Full particulars of these and other events may be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Ernest J. Bass, 40, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. 2.

British Motor Boat Club.
The sport of motor boating, in common with other forms of yachting, suffered severely from the after effects of the war. It was only natural that the motor boat clubs should in 1919 emerge with sadly depleted membership lists, and it rested with the old hands who were left, to set about the task of building up their clubs to regain the position in the world of sport held by them in pre-war days.

In 1919 the British Motor Boat Club set about the task of reconstruction with the same thoroughness which in 1904 characterised its foundation as the pioneer of motor boating clubs in this country. Race meetings were again held, and every effort was made to recruit new members. In 1922 the headquarters of the Club were moved to the Hotel which, situated as it is in the heart of London, has proved an ideal centre from which to control the activities of the B.M.B.C.

These activities embrace not only the organisation of race meetings in many ports round the coast, but assistance for the cruising man, both at home and abroad, expert advice on all technical matters, free legal advice, special B.M.B.C. motor boat insurance policy at reduced terms, a free weekly copy of one of the leading motor boating journals, the use of the Clubroom and other facilities at the Hotel Cecil ; and various other considerations for the advantage of the amateur motor boat owner.

The B.M.B.C. has Honorary Local Representatives in many British and foreign ports, whose, services are at the disposal of members of the Club. When cruising, particularly if going abroad, owners find it a great advantage to avail themselves of the privilege granted to members of the British Motor Boat Club, of flying the Blue Ensign.

The B.M.B.C. season for 1924 opened with the annual meeting on the Chelsea Reach of the Thames, held on Saturday, 21st June. This event is of unusual interest, taking place as it does right in the heart of London, and giving to a public which might not otherwise realise the attraction of motor boating an opportunity of watching the sport near home.

It may here be mentioned that it was not until 1922 that the B.M.B.C. was able to overcome the prejudice of the authorities against holding a motor boat meeting on the Thames, though for many years previously, permission had been sought for the organisation of such an event.

Following upon the Thames meeting comes that at Southend-on-Sea, on the 11th and 12th of July. This is always a popular meeting, and one receiving keen local support. On the 12th July, also, the 14th annual London-to-Cowes Race is to be run. This race for sea-going motor yachts is looked upon as the classic event of the season. Next comes the B.M.B.C. Meeting at Torquay, which promises to be one of the most popular on the programme.

This is down for the 19th and 21st July, and will be preceded by a motor cruiser race from Hythe to Torquay under the auspices of the Royal Motor Yacht Club. On the 29th July the races for the Duke of York’s International Trophy commence at Torquay, under the management of the Marine Motoring Association. H.R.H. the Duke of York has stated his intention of being present on the opening day, which fact will undoubtedly greatly enhance the popularity of the event.

Further items on the B.M.B.C. Race Programme for this season are as follows :
August 2nd … Torquay to Hythe Race
August 3rd … Hythe to Poole Race
August 9th and 11th… Poole Meeting
August 28th to Sept 1st Sept… Lowestoft Meeting
Sept 18th to 20th… Burnham-on-Crouch Meeting
Sept. 25th to 27th … Medway Meeting

Further information or particulars with regard to membership of the British Motor Boat Club will gladly be supplied upon application to the Secretary, B.M.B.C., Hotel Cecil, Strand, London, W.C. 2.

Oxford Motor Club.
A very influential organisation is the Oxford Motor Club, of which Mr. W. R. Morris is the President.

The Club’s fixtures for this season include a timed Hill Climb at Alms Hill, near Henley ; a social evening at Aylesbury on Tuesday, July 8th ; and on Saturday, September 20th, a social run to Brooklands to see the Junior Car Club’s 200 mile Race ; finishing up on Saturday, October 4th, with an End of Season Reliability Trial.

The Hon. Secretary of the Oxford Club is Mr. Wilfred A. Matthews, 6, St. Aldate’s, Oxford.

Sheffield & Hallamshire Motor Cycle & Car Club
This Club has organised no less than 38 events for its members for this Summer. That very popular North Midland speed event organised by the Sheffield and Hallamshire M.C. & C.C., on behalf of the Yorkshire Centre, will again take place during August. It is generally agreed that the Ringinglow Road is one of the best speed-ways in the Midlands.

The road is perfectly straight for well over a mile with a splendid tarmac surface. Slightly undulating, it has a gradient of approximately 1 in 25. A small dip at the start greatly assists in getting off the mark, and as flying starts are usually adopted some very good times are made. This event will be held on Saturday, August 16th, all classes of motor vehicles being catered for.

The address of the Secretary is: Mr. S. C. Ashby, 36, Horninglow Road, Sheffield.

Hampshire Automobile Club (Southern Division).
On Saturday, June 28th, the Hampshire Automobile Club held its Annual Open and Closed Hill Climb at Spread Eagle Hill, Melbury, which is about one-and-a-half miles from Shaftesbury.

This Hill Climb has become a very important sporting event and always attracts an interesting entry. This year the closed classes once more were sub-divided into (A) a class for genuine standard touring cars, and (B) a class for sports models. In each of the four classes there were one open and two closed events, making twelve events in all. The Hill Climb was held under R.A.C. Competition Rules and valuable prizes of handsome silver cups were awarded for the ibest results on time and formula.

The Hon. Secretary of the Southern Division of the H.A.C. is Mr. W. O. Talbot, Westover Chambers, Bournemouth.

The Liverpool Motor Club.
This Club has headquarters at the following addresses : Liverpool.—The Angel Hotel. Birkenhead.—The Woodside Hotel. Wallasey.—The Hotel Victoria. Country quarters : The Blue Cap Hotel, Sandiway, Northwich. Some very entertaining items are promised on their present season’s fixtures list, including : July 2nd.—Speed judging and distance Trial at Wirral. July 5th.—Colwyn Bay Speed Trials.

Reliance Challenge Cup ; Baxter Memorial Cup ; Marston Cup and Braid Challenge Cup. On July 12th and 13th, there is to be a Two Days’ Reliability Trial and visit to Screw Hill, Carnarvonshire. For August x6th a gymkhana has been arranged.

Mr. L. N. Lunby, to, Seaton Road, Wallasey, is the Hon. Secretary of the Club.

Enfield Motor Cycle Club.
The July fixtures for this Club are as follows : July 6th.— Balloon Hunt (start at 2.30 p.m.). July 13th.—Langdon Hills Run (start at 10.30 a.m.). July 20th.—Run to Brighton (start 10.30 a.m.). July 27th.—Vice Captain’s Event (start 10.30 a.m.).

All the social runs of the Club start from the Market Place, Enfield Town, at the Club Headquarters ; and all sporting events start from the country Headquarters, The Robin Hood, Botany Bay, Enfield.

The Enfield Motor Cycle Club’s Secretary is Mr. S. W. Maybrook, Enfield Highway, Middlesex, who will give full particulars to those interested.

Honiton Motor Cycle & Light Car Club.
The Honiton Motor Cycle and Light Car Club held a very well-supported Riding and Driving Test recently, which resulted as follows : Best performance, irrespective of class— J. Eddy (7 Austin Car). Best performance, solo machines over 350 c.c.—W. Stuart (3i Sunbeam). Best performance, solo machines under 350 c.c.—W. Hooper (Raleigh). Best performance, sidecar machines—W. Baker (New Hudson).

The Hill Climb arranged for June 19th has been postponed until July x7th, owing to the present unfavourable condition of the hill selected. Full particulars will be published next month.

The Hon. Secretary of the Club is Mr. A. C. Roberts, c /o The Honiton Garage, Honiton.

The Worcestershire Motor Club.
This well-run Club has long been in the front rank of Midlands clubs.

On Thursday, July l0th, it holds its Open Speed Trials at Gloucester Drive, Madresfield Court, Malvern. These Trials will incorporate events for the Worcester and District Motor Cycle Club. In all, there are to be won at this event, 4 cups, a shield, and 2 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals, in addition to certain cash awards.

Further particulars are obtainable from the Hon. Secretary, Mr. J. C. Gibbs, 25, Albany Terrace, Britannia Square, Worcester.

The Slough & District Motor Cycle & Car Club.
This Club is favoured with beautiful surrounding country and Kop and Alms Hills are within easy reach.

On Saturday, June 28th, the Club held a Hill Climb at Bretwell Hill, near Henley-on-Thames ; and on Saturday, July 12th, the Club promotes a Reliability Trial for E. W. Finch’s Cup.

The Hon. Secretary is Capt. H. W. Dyke,” Hartford,” Upton Road, Slough, Bucks.

Middlesex County Automobile Club.
Every year this Club organises a cohort of its members and friends who take out the crippled children of the Fairlight Hall Branch of the Shaftesbury Society. After taking them for a drive independently—not in an institution-like procession— they deliver them at the house of some pre-ordained benefactor, who gives them tea.

The Club then provides an entertainment for the kiddies and afterwards drives them home. (A laudable work, surely I—En.) This year the outing was on June 2zst, and the objective, a house at Nuffield, Surrey. The Club also organises various Hill Climbs and Speed Trials.

The Hon. Secretary is Capt. W. J. Lendrum, 10,_Leaside Avenue, Muswell Hill, N.

Ferry Hill & District Motor Club.
On June 29th, this Club organised for its members a run to Knaresborough. An extensive program has been mapped out for the remainder of the season.

The Hon. Secretary is Mr. J. P. Whelan, 1, Haig Street, Ferry Hill, Durham.

Cumberland County Motor Cycling Club.
The chief event of the season organised by this Club is the Reliability Trial which they hold for the “Alan” Trophy. This year this event is to be held on August 9th, when, it is confidently anticipated, there will be a record turn-out.

In addition to this there is an extensive fixtures list prepared for members by the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Fred. Rowlands, 37, English Street, Carlisle.

The Southampton & District Motor Cycle & Light Car Club.
The above Club is holding its Annual Hill Climb at Spread Eagle Hill. near Shaftesbury, on July 12th.

Spread Eagle is a hill which makes for spectacular ascents, and some good sport is anticipated.

The Hon. Secretary of the Club is Mr. D. Robertson, “The Bungalow,” Redbridge, Hants.

The Spen Valley Motor Cycle & Light Car Club.
The keenness shown amongst North-country motor cyclists compares very favourably with the enthusiasm of their brothers in the Southern counties. The North-country clubs are more numerous, and as a consequence, a greater number of competitions are held.

The Spen Valley Motor Cycle and Light Car Club is one of the most progressive of Northern clubs, and it has prepared for its members an interesting fixtures list which includes a Spen Valley—London—Spey Valley Trial, run in conjunction with other Yorkshire Clubs, on July 12th, and a Motor Cycle Football Match with Bradford, on July i9th, at the Spenborough Charity Carnival.

The Hon. Secretary is Mr. F. A. Brown, “Hill Crest,” Whitcliffe, Cleckheaton, Yorks.

The Middlesbrough & District Motor Club.
This Club would always be famous had it never achieved anything else besides giving the motor cycling world ” Freddie ” Dixon ; but in addition to this, it was a Motor Cycle Football pioneer.

This season it has a particularly lengthy list of fixtures. These include : Saturday, July 5th, and Sunday, July 6th.—Two Days Reliability Trial for the Gjers Cup. Wednesday, July 9th. —Surprise Run. Sunday, July 13th.—Church Parade. Saturday, July 13th.—Fuel Consumption Test for Sadler Bowl. Saturday, July 26th.–Saltburn Speed Trials.

The latter Open event which has become one of the classics of the year, has always attracted large entries. It is organised by this Club.

The Hon. Secretary of this Club is Mr. A. V. Buttress, 18, Ayresome Park Road, Middlesbrough.

Kilburn & District Motor Cycle Club.
This Club was formed for the benefit of motor cyclists in and around the Kilburn district. It caters for novices, amateurs, and, in fact, all riders. The main features are Thursday afternoon and Sunday events, which include runs, tours, competitions, and social gatherings.

Friends of members are invited, lady riders being specially welcomed. Mr. Harcourt Johnstone, M. P., is the patron, Major J. Chater-Lea is the president ; the two vice-presidents are Mr. E. J. Pittock and Mrs. L. Uhde, the chairman is Mr. P. J. Youngs, and the country headquarters are at the Bull Inn, Wheathampstead, Herts. A weekly circular is distributed to each member, setting forth the proposed programme for the ensuing week.

The Hon. Secretary is Mr. G. W. Langford, of 13, Regent’s Park Road, N.W. 1.

The Stalybridge & District Motor Club.
Owing to the bad weather it unfortunately was impossible to run off the flying start solo classes in the recent Speed Trials held by this Club, and also some riders were unable to compete in the standing start classes.

E. Spencer, with his 494 c.c. Douglas, put up fastest time of the day in the standing start classes and also was successful in putting up a new time (standing start) for the course in 19 7 /16 secs. The best previous time was exactly one minute more, which was put up last year by A. Greenwood on his 8 h.p. Brough Superior.

E. Searle with a 348 c.c. Sheffield Henderson was successful in the 350 c.c. class, also putting up a new standing start time (21 7/16 secs.), the best previous being 22 secs., which was put up by B. Watts in 1922 on a 342 c.c. D.O.T.-J.A.P. Norton machines accounted for all the sidecar races.

The next Speed Trials to be held by this Club will be on July 12th. A series of Yorkshire Centre Speed Trials will be held on the same course in August, and will be organised by the Stalybridge and District Club.

Enquiries should be addressed to Mr. A. B. Cliffe, the Hon. Secretary, The Stalybridge and District Motor Club, Trinity Works, Trinity Street, Stalybridge.

The Ipswich & District M.C.C.
This Club, which is affiliated to the Eastern Centre A.C.U., has some interesting events on its fixtures. list. To name only a few : July 5th.—Hill Climb. July 6th.—Social Rally. July 19th.— Paviour Challenge Reliability Trial. August (date provisional). —Carnival at Felixstowe.

All enquiries should be addressed to the Hon. Secretary, Mr. H. D. Murphy, 33, Stradbroke Road, Ipswich.

York & District Motor Club.
The York and District Club, in addition to a full list of events, is organising a York—Edinburgh—York Run, to be held on August 3rd and 4th. The competitors will start from York Minster (first man away at midnight) on Saturday, 2nd August, and will return from Edinburgh at 9.00 a.m. on Monday (Bank Holiday), 4th August. This allows for a stay in Edinburgh of approximately 20 hours. The outward and return routes are to be different.

The motor cycle classes are open to members of any club affiliated, to the Yorkshire Centre of the A.C.U. ; the car classes open only to Members of the York and District Motor Club.

Other fixtures of this Club include the following : July 2nd.— Garrowby Hill Climb. July 16th.—Point to Point Trial. September 3rd.—Hill Climb.

All communications should be addressed to the Hon. Secretary, Mr. F. T. Cleveland, Kiosk, Lendel, York.

The Redditch Motor Cycle & Car Club.
On June 4th this Club held a closed Speed Trial, which was well attended. The Redditch Club has been well to the fore in such events ever since 1910, and it has an intriguing program for the remainder of the season.

It has been found necessary to postpone from July 5th until July t2th, the Half-Day Reliability Trial, for which a trophy has been presented by Commander G. Herbert, D.S.O. This Trial, also, is a closed event.

The Hon. Secretary of the Redditch Club is Mr. Chas. E. Spooner, Littleworth, Redditch.

Newcastle & District Motor Club.
The official results of this Club’s Trial held on May 10th, were held up for a long time, pending confirmation by the A.C.U., but may now be given as follows : Travers Trophy and Cheque for £50.—F. W. Giles, 2.75h.p. A.J .S. and sidecar. N.U.T. Trophy (best performance by solo over 500 C.C. or sidecar).— F. W. Giles, 2.75h.p. A.J.S. and sidecar. Alan Robson Shield (fastest time on Hill Climb).—P. Hart, 2.75 h.p. Sunbeam. Bradford Bowl (best performance by car).—G. Denley, Rhode car. 1st Team Prize.—A.J.S. (F. W. Giles, A. W. Byers, F. Thatcher).

The All-Night and 24-hour Trial run on May 24/25, was a great success, and attracted 102 entries. The chief winners were : Baker Trophy (best performance in All-Night Section).— F. Fielclhouse (Velocette) and H. Shaw (Ford), tie. Bainbridge Trophy (best solo performance in All-Night Section).—F. Fieldhouse (Velocette). Douglas Bowl (best performance by car in All-Night Section).—H. Shaw (Ford). Ovoline Beaker (best perfortuance by Sidecar in All-Night Section).—W. C. Thompson (N.U.T. and sidecar). E.shott Gold Cup (best performance in 24-hour Trials).—N. Welsh (N.U.T.).

The Newcastle and District Motor Club is one of the most progressive clubs in the North of England. It is now over 250 strong, and trials are run to suit all types of members, from the raw novice to the hardened sporting rider.

Some forthcoming events on this Club’s fixtures list are : July 6th.—President’s and Hunter Trial. July 20th.—Reid Speed Trial. July 27th.—Joluison Trial. August 10th.— Social Run.

The Hon. Secretary is Mr. George G Heath, care of W. Gillespy and Son, Ltd., 100, High Street, Gateshead.

The Ilkley & District Motor Club.
This Club, whose officers include no fewer than fifty-eight vice-presidents alone, has arranged an imposing program. Two of the items are as follows : On Sunday, July 6th, there is to be a closed Speed Trial for awarding the Trade Trophy ; followed on 20th by a Hill Climb for the Dixon and Dawson Trophy.

Some of the other Club Trial trophies are the Waite Rose Bowl ; Founders Trophy (for Novice trial) ; Hemingway Trophy (for Team trial) ; English Trophy ; Maugham 8z Moore Trophy (for despatch riding trial) ; Dixon Trophy (for speed hill climbs) ; Brooks Trophy ; Fattorini Trophy (for car Novice trial) ; Hargrave Cup (three-wheeler trial) ; Secretary’s Trophy (for Colonial trial) ; The above, and several others, are competed for annually ; while there are four valuable cups to be won outright during the present year.

Mr. J. H. Holmes, The Grange, Station Road, Otley, is the Hon. Secretary.

The Newcastle & Northern Motor Club.
On July 6th, this Club will hold a non-stop Reliability Trial around Jedburgh, Hawick, Longtown and Brampton for a Bronze Trophy. For Wednesdays 9th and 16th, somewhat divergent attractions are offered, while there is to be a Social at Fowberry Park on the 20th, followed by a Speed Judging Team Trial, a week later.

The Hon. Secretary is Mr. E. Wilian, Kenton Road, Gosforth.

Lincoln & District Motor Cycle Club.
The Club is now firmly established, and during the present season has organised several sporting events with every success, although the poor attendances at social events have disappointed the Committee, who hope that this side of club life will be patronised to a greater extent in the future.

The following two events are imminent : July 6th.-Reliability Trial. July 12th.-Hill Climb at Scamblesley.

The name of the Hon. Secretary is Mr. R. Lucas, John-o’Gaunt’s, Lincoln.

Boston & District Motor Cycle Club.
This Club has already held several successful fixtures this year, including a reliability trial in the Lincoln Wolds. Members competed in the recent Lincoln Section Hill Climb at Stanmore Hill, the local awards being made as follows : Silver medal for winner in each class.-Class 5 (under 350 c.c.), Section B.-I. B. Parkes (349 A.J .S.) 19 4/5th secs. ; 2. G. Cooper (347 Rudge) 24 secs. Class 6 (under 550 c.c.), Section C.-I. J. Killingworth (490 Norton) 22 3/5th sees.; 2. S. Grant (492 Sunbeam) 22 4 /5th secs. Class 7 (under 750 c.c.), Section C.–1. J. Killingworth (490 Norton) 21 sees.; 2. R. Reynolds (Matchless) 22 1/5th secs.

Class 8 (unlimited), Section C.-1. J. Killingworth (490 Norton) 21 sees.; 2. R. Reynolds (Matchless) 23 secs.

J. Killingworth also takes following Lincs.section awards.Gold medal for fastest time in Section C (57 m.p.h.), 2 silver medal class awards.

Inquiries should be addressed to Mr. J. A. Killingworth, Hon. Secretary, 7, Market Place, Boston.

Surrey Motor Cycle Club.
The following events will be held by this Club during the present season : July 2nd. (Wednesday).-Reliability Trial. July 18th (Friday midnight).-Guildford-Exeter Trial. August 23rd (Saturday).-Lightweight Trial. September x 3th (Saturday).-Heath and Wiltshire and Bateman Cup Trials. October 4th (Saturday).-Hill Climb.

All particulars as to Club activities can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary, Mr. A. C. Brooks, Lyngarth, Upper St. Michael’s Road, Aldershot.

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