Important July Fixtures.

Saturday, 5th. B.A.R.C. Open Meeting
Saturday, 5th. A.C.U. Open Speed Trials at Doncaster.
Tues. 8th to 11th. M.C.C. Land’s End-John O’Groats Trial.
Thursday, 10th. Worcestershire Motor Club Open Speed Trials.
Fri. 11th to 12th. M.G. and A.C. Open 24-hour Trial (Birmingham Holyhead Birmingham).
Saturday, 12th. Leinster ” Hundred ” Road Race.
Saturday, 12th. B.M.C.R.C. Brooklands Long-Distance Race.
Saturday, 12th. South Midland Centre Reliability Championship Trial.
Sun. 13th-14th. Belgian Grand Prix.
Saturday, 19th. Brooklands S.E.C. A.C.U. and Surbiton Club Meeting.
Saturday, 19th. Southampton and District Southern Centre Open Hill Climb.
Saturday, 19th. Spen Valley Motor Cycle and Light Car Club’s Charity Carnival.
Mon., 21st to 26th. Scottish Six Days’ Trials.
Wednesday, 23rd. Essex Motor Club Brooklands Meeting.
Thursday, 24th. Eastern Centre Speed Trials, Harling Road.
Fri., 25th to 31st. Circuit des Vosges, Belgium.
Saturday, 26th. M.C.C. Brooklands Meeting.
Saturday, 26th. Y.C.A.C.U. Speed Trials at Saltburn.
Saturday, 26th. J.C.C. South Harting Hill Climb.
Saturday, 26th. N. Wales Centre A.C.U. Open Reliability Trial.
Saturday, 26th. Essex M.G. Open Hill Climb at Kop
Wednesday, 30th. French Grand Prix.