Three famous bp users



Three Famous “BP” Users

During the 1924 racing season, Mr. Eldridge on his Fiat, Major Harvey with the Alvis and Mr. Gordon England of Austin Seven fame all used ” BP,” the British Petrol, exclusively.

At Arpajon, last July, Mr. Eldridge set up the World’s Fastest Mile -147.69 miles per hour, and later at Montlhery captured several world’s records, all on ” BP.” Major Harvey was the first driver of a British car, the Alvis, to win the 200 miles race—which he did in 1923 on “BP at a speed of 93.29

m.p.h.—-which for a non-supercharged car still stands as a record.

Last October he was successful in breaking 39 records in one day, when he covered 700 miles in under 8 hours —a speed of over 88 m.p.h.

Mr. Gordon England with his Austin Seven, apart from his other successes, won the Grand Prix de France at Montlhery, and set up no fewer than 21 records -all at a speed of over 80 m.p.h.

For speed, power and rapid acceleration use ” BP —the British Petrol. di PP The British

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