Our Anniversary.

Two years ago to-day the first issue of this journal made its debut under the title of The Brooklands Gazette, and though still in its infancy, Motor Sport is enjoying a very encouraging measure of support amongst motorists who find in their cars or motorcycles something more fascinating than the mere means of locomotion.

No matter how the tide of public opinion may appear to regard the sport of motoring, whether in reliability trials, speed events or track races, it is absolutely certain that, so long as cars are built we shall find owners and drivers eager to use them for health-giving sport and recreation. Bans may come, governing bodies quibble, but still the spirit of sport holds undiminished sway for a very large and very enthusiastic section of the motoring community and it is to these that our journal is intended to appeal.

We have been very pleased to receive from time to time helpful suggestions from our readers, expressing their ideas as to the character of the contents in our issues. For example, some have counselled us to appear as a weekly, others a fortnightly review of motoring, with the idea of recording the various sporting events as they occur ; but whilst such a programme would be welcomed in some quarters, we feel our position is that of serving the motoring public as a high-class pictorial magazine devoted to the sport, rather than attempting to invade a field which is so admirably catered for by our respected contemporaries, who have the necessary facihties for the rapid collection and distribution of news.

The policy of our journal has always been that of making for itself a place in motoring journalism, a process which calls for some considerable perseverance in the present conditions of industrial unrest ; but, thanks to the unswerving support of our many readers, we can look back over the past two years, which have not passed without their anxieties, with unmixed pleasure.

Those who conceived the idea of starting a sporting journal for motorists undertook a difficult proposition in a sporting spirit, fully alive to the fact that much would have to be done before their efforts could be crowned with any measure of success.

To-day Motor Sport is recognised as the medium of the sporting enthusiast, and we look forward in the future to enlarging our actix ities to make the journal still more worthy of the support it is now enjoying from a large circle of readers.

Showing them how.

For some obscure reason the non-motoring public and motoring novices as well seem to be under the impression that the driver of a sports car is necessarily a road-hog, and as a consequence are only too ready to blame a highly-skilled class of driver for the road accidents of which we have read so much of late. Fast or quick driving should not be confused with inconsiderate use of the road, and as a matter of fact the worst offenders on the road are the no’ ices, who err owing to sheer lack of driving experience, and often become an absolute source of danger.

Drivers who have long passed their novitiate stages should remember the times when taking the road was a novel and somewhat alarming experience, and help to mitigate the chances of mishaps by a rigid observance not only to the rules of the road, but also to the numerous little courtesies which make so much difference in motoring. A good motto for holiday touring should be, “There is a novice on every corner,” and if experienced drivers make due allowance for such contingencies we shall hear less of the alleged road hogging, used to fill up the news columns of daily papers during the shortage of genuine scares.

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