THE Manx M.C.C. have this year decided to discontinue the running of the Amateur Road Race, since the difficulties of defining Amateur status had become insuperable. In its place the Club decided to promote a type of event which should provide equal if not greater interest.

The new events are open equally to trade and amateur entrants, but riders who have taken part in any of the international road races, as for instance the T.T. races or the Grand Prix of Prance or Belgium, or who have held any motorcycling World’s Records may not compete. In addition, the regulations require that a competitor shall have been resident in the British Isles for the last 5 years. This last regulation seems difficult to justify, since part of the interest in an event of this character lies in the comparison between our own and foreign riders.

The machine must be the propetty of the driver and a standard model quoted in the maker’s catalogue, and must not have been used in the 1930 T.T. races. Manufacturers can therefore give full support to any rider who is likely to do well, and it may be anticipated that those firms who have not felt inclined to go to the expence of entering the T.T. races will take this opportunity of showing the good qualities of their machines to the Public.

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