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Telephone: Regent 1937.

11, Gerrard 3436.

Telegrams : Agreynol, Piety, London. Rat es (prepaid) /per line

(minimum 3 lines).

CLOSING DATE first post on the 23rd of the month, for publication on the 1st of the following month. NEW CARS FOR SALE LAGONDA

L.AGONDA, Huskinson & Pane, Ltd. Grosvenor -1–1 8016.

QPECIAL Lagonda Agents for West End. Trial runs at any time. Deferred Terms and your present car taken in part exchange.—Huskinson & Pane, Ltd., 11, Curzon St., W.I.


3.1.G.—Huskinson &. Pane, Ltd. Grosvenor 3016.

A UTHORISED M.G. AGENTS. Trial runs -Esarranged at any time. Earliest delivery of all anodes, including New Mark!!. 6-cylinder.—H. & P., Ltd. SECOND-HAND SPORTS CARS ALFA ROMEO

£115.Magnificent 6-cylindcr 1.w.b. 22-90 h.p.

ALFA ROME( ) R snper-sports 4-seater, late1925, in superlative et au it ion throughout, -one owner only since new and vvry carefully maintained, recently repainted cream body, fiat green wings, vermilion white wheels, giving very attractive and striking effect, full equipment, including two Solex speed type carburetters, 80 m.p.h. speedometer, revolution counter, shock absorber*, screen wiper, electric horn, luggage grid, adjustable bucket, seats, sloping sports windscreen, etc., an extremely fast car, mechanically faultless in every respect, with .a super performance and very distinctive and ultra sporting in appearance. Exchanges deferred. Photograph on request. C. and C., Ltd., Water Lane, Kingston, Surrey. Kingston 5393-4. BENTLEY

1928 3-litre speed chassis fitted with sports 4-seater body by Vanden, Phis finished in brOwn. Equipment included dash lamp, clock, Ilrpeedometer, triplex glass, screen wiper, fog lamp, luggage gird, electric horn, scuttle ventilator, new toed, Side curtains, and tonneau cover, appearance as new, carries marker’s guarantee. Price 075. Jack Withers & Co. 44, Osnaburgh Street, N.W.1. (Opposite Great Portland Street Station). Plnries, -Museum 8620-1 6595 and 0500. SECOND-HAND SPORTS CARS (continued) BUGATTI 1928 Supercharged 4-cylinder Grand Prix

BUGATTI, recently fitted 1930 type pressure-fed crankshaft and connecting rods, new bearings throughout, and engine completely overhauled, new set gears to gearbox, and in perfect condition throughout; all prepared for racing. Papworth, 41, Pinner Road, Fulham, S.W.6. Putney, 3652. QTRAIGHT-EIGHT special’ 2-litre BUGATTI,

capable 90 m.p.h., very attractive low 4-seater by Albany Rene Thomas wheel, f.w.b., dipping Marshal headlights, all-weather tonneau, perfectly shod, engine recently reconditioned, whole is superior condition perfectly maintained, privately owned, six months’ guarantee, L145. Taylors, 278, Wheeler Street, Birmingham.

LITRE T.T. 2-seater supercharged sports, late 1929, 100% condition, 295 guituniswith guarantee. Warwickshire Motors, Ltd., Lea, Francis Agents, 118-122 Gt. Portland Street, W.I. Museum 2963-4. QPECIAL offer ! ! ! Late 1926 straight-eight

BUGATTI 4-seater, wonderful condition, new tyres, taxed, recently used as runabout by wellknown racing driver, 045. Ridinghouse Motors, 116, Great Portland Street. Museum 8516.


T-14 RAZER !IASI{ cars. Falcon Works, London Rd., Isleworth (Hounslow 3172) always have for disposal reconditioned and guaranteed cars, fitted with new tyres and F.W.B. prices from £125. LEA-FRANCIS LATE 1926 L n

ea-Fracis Tourer Maroon 12 h.p.

Meadow’s engine in perfect condition, gives excellent performance, fast and reliable, FM’. brakes, only done 22,000 miles. Those who know a good engine are invited to apply. Price 1:65. Apply Box A16, MOTOR SPORT.

SECOND-HAND SPORTS CARS continued) MERCEDES MERCEDES-BENZ now have to offer for sale -01their 1929 demonstration cars, which are in perfect condition throughout, and the opportunity should not be missed to inspect and have a demonstration of the following, which aces an exceptional opportuity to secure one of these famous cars :—

QTRAIGHTEIGHT 32-90 h.p. 6-7-seater limousine de luxe, small mileage, tyres excellent, mechanically silent at all speeds, 4 to 75 m.p.h. on top, list price new 1,195.

SUPERCHARGI-l) 36-220 h.p. 4-seater standard sports, guaranteed in new condition, 10 to 110 m.p.h. on top, list price new f2,500.

‘DIOR further particulars, etc., write or call. Show-u rooms: British Mercedes-Benz, Ltd., Three Kings House, 37, Davies Street, Gorsvenor Square, VA.

0111001 38-250 h. p. MERCEDES sports 2-4 seater Rudge-Whitworth wheels, magnificent condition, D,275. George Newman & Co.. 369, Euston Rd., London. N.W.1, and 39-40, old Steins, Brighton. RENAULT

100 11,ifiiti.drigi’lalpg.bsrlitr””;45C(V.Ppe. chassis late 1925. 14 m.p.g. Servo F.W.B. Twin wipers, two petrol gauges and very well equipped. Brandnew condition, fabric and paintwork unmarked Photo seen by appointment. Body alone worth price £120 J.G.R. Barker-Hahlo, Langley Park, Norwich. VAUXHALL 30_98 VAUXHALL fitted with new four-seater

Vanden Plus Weymann sports body. Two triple diffusers zenith carburetters, scintilla magneto. Special camshafts, K.E. steel valves, special pistons, well-base wheels and tyres. Winner two firsts at Skegness open meeting June 13 and 14. Now for sale in rating trim, 350 guineas. Apply Messrs. Modern Cars, Ltd., 196, Great Portland Street, W.I. Museum 2947-8.

30-98 valghly} etfiliciientttUmechanics,tlfor 11galwaysll s dlsa large selection of these cars in stock.Messrs.Modern Cars, Ltd., 196 Great Portland Street, V. 1. Museum 2947-8.

MODERN CARS, LTD., the largest stock of 30/98 Vauxhalls in Great Britain. 196-198, Great Portland Street, W.1. Museum 2947. PARTS & ACCESSORIES 0LARE’S MOTOR WORKS for Spares.—Over

300 cars dismantled, including Austin 7 h.p. and 12 h.p., Alvis, Angus-Sanderson, A.B.C., Anzatti, Armstrong 18 hp., Ariel 9 h.p., A.C. 12 h.p. and 16 h.p., Belsize-Bradshaw, Bugatti, Bean, Buick 18 h.p., 26 h.p., and Master chassis, Coventry Premier, Cubitt, Citroen 10 h.p. and 7 h.p., Clyno 11 h.p., and13 hp., Crossley 25 h.p., Crouch, Cowley, Calthorpe, Cluley, Delage, 14 h.p., Fiat 10 h.p. and 21 h.p. 6-cyl., Ford, Humber 8 h.p. and I() h.p., Hillman, Hampton, Lagonda, Morris, Mercury, Peugeot 7 h.p, Phoenix, Rover 8 h.p., 9 h.p. and 14 h.p., Rhode 1922, Riley 11 hp., Renault 8.3 h.p., 13.9 h.p. Salmson, Standard 11.4 h.p. and 13.9 h.p., Swift 9 h.p., 10 h.p., and 12 h.p., SizaireBerwick, Singer 10 h.p., Talbot 8 h.p., 10-23 h.p., and 8-cyl. Talbot-Darraeq, Wolseley 10 h.p., 11 hp., and 15.9 h.p. Waverley, and many others; quotation by return; approval.—Clare’s Motor Works, 118, Tulse Hill, S.W.2. ‘Phone, Brixton 6507. Closed Sundays.



C. O. A. Guaranteed Repair Service ; perfect workmaaship, lowest cost, completion to time. Quotations Submitted for every form of

engine and chassis repair and adjustment (large or small), coaehpainting, electro-plating, etc.; Standard charges for decarbonising, valve grinding and brake re-lining, etc. ; cars reconditioned equal to new with 6 months’ guarantee, replated and repainted.

C.0.A. Engineering Representative will call to inspect and estimate by appointment (London Radius).

CAR OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, Ltd., 91-95. Manor Street, King’s Road, Chelsea, SW. !taxman 3829.

WE hot up all cars. Austin 7’s a speciality. Boyd, Carpenter & Co., Ltd., 47, West End Lane, Maidavale 4977.

HIGH efficiency tuning on 30-98 Vauxhalls, for hill-climbing, road and track racing, and all oompetition work undertaken by specialists and highly skilled mechanics. Apply Messrs. Modern Gars Ltd., 196, Great Portland Street, V.1. Museum 2947-8.


ALL classes of machining, gear cutting, grinding, milling, tuning, etc. undertaken for all types et car, Motor Boat, and Aero engines. Accuracy and prompt attention each individual order guaranteed. Bruce & liolroyd Ltd., Phone, 249 Feltham, Middlesex.


S0I4E-; distributors for the famous See hydroplanes, speed dinghies and cruisers for London and Home Counties and the Continent. Immediate delivery. Bruce and Holroyd, Ltd. ‘Phone, 249 Feltham, Middx. TUITION

AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING TRAINING COLLEGE, London, S.W.3 (Day and Residential). Pounded specially to train Boys of good education for the Automobile Industry. The curriculum combines an essentially practical modern works’ experience with training in administration. Appointments for Qualified Students. Candidates will be accepted for Probationary Term commencing April 24th. Syllabus from Enquiry Dept.


C0XPASSE,S (German) of the Highest Quality. from t10/10/0. E. F. Stephen, 141, New lond Street, W.I. NEW MOTOR CARAVANS and TRAILERS

AVEN Caravans.—Lightness. Cheapness.

Comfort. Value for Money. Made in all Sizes. RAVEN Trailers,—Standard models, from 8tt., 2-berth, at £70 ; to 13ft., 3-room, at £175. -D AVEN Outboard Boat Trailers, luggage trailers,

office trailers, horse box trailers.

AVEN CARAVANS, 2, Ravenscourt Sq., Gold-1to hawk Rd., Hammersmith. Riverside 0958.

Apply for Illustrated Catalogue “A.”

CCARAVANS FOR HIRE ARAVANS, all sizes and types.—Raven Caravans, 2 Ravenscourt Sq., Goldbawk Road, Hammersmith. Riverside 0353. Apply for Illustrated Catalogue “A.”


N’ ( dtMAND GARAGE, LTD., exchange specialists -1-`? offer highest possible price for your present car or motorcycle on receipt of full particulars, in part exchange for any make of new or guaranteed second-hand car, balance cash or exceptionally easy payments; delivery and collection in England, Scotland or Wales, free service. Immediate deliveries of Austin, Morris, Trojan, Triumph, Standard, Singer, Humber, Citroen ; also Austin 7s, with Arrow sports bodies and Merlyn all-weather bodies. Call, write or ‘phone, Normand Garage, Ltd., 489 Oxford St., W.1 (Mayfair 6801-2) ; 11 Hammersmith Rd., W.14, opposite Olympia (Fulham 3477-8) ; and 92 Gloucester Rd., S.W.7 (Kensington 8940).


pULL’S ‘Phone Temple Bar 1747 for -L-P economy, service. Tyres fitted free. or call. value, Write

BULL’S. Brand new Dunlop-Xempshall, DunlopClipper, Goodyear-Pathfind, Firestone-Oldfield, Pirelli, Stepney, etc. Fully guaranteed by Makers. We give 10,000 miles guarantee :-700 x 80 (26 x 3), 21/3; 700 x 85, 21/9; 710 x 90, 27/.; 820 x 120, 50/; 765 x 105, 38/6 ; 895 x 135, 65/-; 895 x 150, 90/-. Extra Reinforced Balloon r 26 x 3.50, 20/-; 27 x 4.00, 24/-; 27 x 4.40, 32/-; 28 x 4.95, (29 x 5.00), 35/-; ’28 x 5.25, 47/6; 780 x 150, 47/6.

BULL’S. You want the best tyres. We havethem. Fresh London stocks owing to quick sales. Distributors of the world famous Pirelli, Superflex Racing Type Covers. Write for our prices.

BULL’S. Rapson Special London Agents. We are authorised by the Makers to offer the following brand-new Rapson double-tread Super Reinforced Cord Tyres (fresh London stocks). Standard, Cords 9,000-12,000 miles guarantee. 26 x 3 (700 x 80), 25/11; 710 x 90, 33/2 ; 765 x 105, 48/6;. 820 x 120, 65/-; 895 x 150, 140/. ; Balloons : 26 x 3.50, 28/11; ’27 x 4.00, 30/7 ; 27 x 4.40, 39/6; 28 x 4.95 (29 x 5.00), 48/-; 20 x 5.94 (30 x 5.00), 56/1 ; 30 x 4.75 (4/ x 21), 56/-; 31 x 5.25, 72/3; 32 x 6.00, 78/-; 33 x 6.75, 95/-. BULL’S Special Superheavy Cords. Ali leading -LP makes special clearance offer. Guaranteed for 10,000 miles. 30 x s.s. (Alvis etc.), 47/6; 70 x 80/5, 22/6; 710 x 90, 28/6; 820 x 120, 55/-; oo

Super Reinforced Balloons: 26 x 3.50, 22/6; 27 x 4.00, 26/9; 27 x 4.40, 35/-; 28 x 4.95 (29 x 5.00), 38/6; 29 x 4.95 (30 x 5.00), 42/-; 30 x 4.75, 43/8; 30 x 6.00, 55/.; 32 x 6.00, 55/-; 33 x 6.00, 57/6;. 32 x 6.75, 70/-; 33 x 6.75, 95/-; 34 x 7.30, 80/-.. Second hand covers in all sizes, 15/–25/-.

1…)T.ILL’S. We can give expert advice as to the best: -1-1 type of tyre to fit on your Sports car. All above. carriage paid against remittance or c.o.d. Fitted free. Bull’s Rubter Co., Ltd., 3, Upper Saint Martin’s Lane, London, W.C.2. Telephone TempleBar 1747.