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EN UTNE racing model 11-litre ALFA-ROMEO k-A supercharged 2-seater, twice run second in international events, docile, attractable and economical for ordinary use, 100 m.p.h., price 4665. 13, Weynouth Mews, Harley St., W. 1. Lkuigham 3929.

AMILCAR. £1. smart 1927, 11.8 h.p. sports 2-seater, very

smart boat-shaped body, with fabric top f.w.b., 4 speeds, etc., 457 10s. ; also 1926 Grand Sports model, £39; exchanges, terms. Yarwoods, Stoneley South, High Road, Tottenham. 'Phone 3122.


ENTIRELY specially built throughout for owner now unexpectedly ordered abroad. Special ASTON-MARTIN. chassis, gearbox, axle, etc., completely rebuilt throughout at cost of 4800. Anzaid engine, special 2-seater sports body with spacious dickey, concealed spare wheel in tail, extremely low built, registered 1931, cycle-type guards, pneumatic upholstery, silver wire wheels, largest Bosch headlight, 8-in, revolution counter, 100 m.p.h. speedometer, gradient meter, 4-in, radiator thermometer, special exhaust, radiator cowl, double Hartford,. close ratio four speeds, licensed, very small mileage, 85 m.p.h., petrol consumption 35 m.p.g., oil 1,000 m.p.g., particularly attractive motor, absolutely as new, sacrifice 4250. Terms, exchange. Taylor's, wheeler St., Birmingham.



IMMEDIATE delivery of all models, Part-exchange deals and hire-purchase. Demonstration runs any time, anywhere.

1 3(1 2-seater, colour cream with dark brown V wings, brown leather upholstery, in excellent condition, price 4425.

19311V International sports 4-seater, colour ivory, with green wings, many extras, price 4450.

1931 International sports 4-seater, colour blue and grey, 3,000 miles only, many extras, taxed, passed for guarantee, in excellent condition throughout., 4525. 23 GmEa0yRfaiGrE14S6T4.-,SHanover Square, W.I. Tel.,


19Q 1 BENTLEY supercharged 4i litre. Open I 4 seater body, Vanden Plas, painted Le Mans green, Lucas P 80 headlamps, Zeiss spotlight, Unscratchecl. Only driven 2,000 miles. Cost g1,45 at Easter. Will accept £1,100. Apply, 11.65, cio Motor Sport (1929) Ltd., 39, VictoriaStreet, Loudon, S.W.1.


141.7GATTI Special 8-eyl, 2-seater Sports, un-I-) registered, and raced by sir Malcara Campbell ; '4395.—Chesterfield Motors, 336-338, Euston Rd., N.W.I. MUSCUIll 5916. BBARTLETT for guaranteed sports cars. l:GATTI, 2-litre roller-bearing full Grand Prix, speed 120 m.p.h., 4195. UCATTI, 1927 modified Grand Prix, full touring

equipment, 4150.

UGATTI, exceptionally fine 12-h.p. type 40 --1-" Grand Sports 2-3-seater, £165. DITGATTI, 1926 modified Straight 8 Grand Prix, II 05

-VARGEST stock of sports cars in Great Britain ; -1-4 exchanges, deferred. 27a, Pernbridge Notting Hill Gate.


filltAZER NASH cars, Falcon Works, London Rd., Isleworth (Hounslow 3172) always have for disposal reconditioned and guaranteed cars, fitted with new tyres and F.W.B. Prices from £125.


1928 model LEA-FR AN IS supercharged hyper 4-seater sports, last, excellent condition, taxed year, 4155. Apply, Myall's Garage, 4 Exeter Mews, -N.w.6. 'Phone, Maida Vale 2683.

MOTH. MOTH racer, single-seater, streamlined polished aluminium body, fitted with wings and lighting, good competition car, 465. Cain. Henley,on-Thatnes


PANHARD. 1924 through

out, out, very fast car at the low price of 75 guineas. Bear Hotel, Henley-on-Thames. Henley 111.


voR SALE, 1930 Model (August) Riley '9 ...I: Biarritz, Special Series Model. Very fast. Licensed to end of year. Guaranteed 6 months. £260. John Bridge, The Riley Specialist, The Boulevard, St. Anns-on-Sea.

VOR SALE. Pine Outboard and Trailer Outfit, 3: Lockwood Chief Engine with two Carburetters. Magnificent 14' 6" Hull by well-known Builders, and Trailer. Offers wanted for complete outfit. John Bridges, The Riley Specialist, The Boulevard, St. Annes-on-Sea.

SPECIAI, 1929 RILEY, built regardless of costand fully equipped, winner 1,100 c.c. class at Ulster, 1930, lap record at 68.86 m.p.h., £325. Jackson, Brooklands Track, Weybridge.


12, Guineas.-1930 (April) metal bodied underslung Grand Prix, twin overhead camshafts, large steering wheel, Derrington silencer, concealed hood, Hartfords both axles, very smart, one owner.

3(1 Guineas.-1926 twin camshaft 4-door coach'J built saloon, large P.W.B.s, taxed ; also similar, 1925, very clean, 29 guineas.

25 25 Guineas.-1925 Grand Prix, twin o.h.c., flared wings, vee screens, taxed. Guineas.-1926 model sports, Grand Prix body, Vee screens, smart, fast.-352, High Rd., Willesden Green, N.W.10. Willesden 2469.


1-a Charges. Bargains from 150. Hutchings Caravans Ltd., Fulflood, Winchester.

RRRAVEN Caravans are the lightest, cheapest, most up to date and comfortable. AVEN Caravan designs are the result of years of practical use and experience. AVEN Cara-vans, 1931 models, fitted with bay windows, fitted sinks, wardrobes, interiorsprung mattresses.

AVEN Caravans, Standard models from 8 ft. 2-berth Austin 7hp. model, £70, to 13ft. 3 room model for 13.9hp. at £175.

114AVEN Caravans. All models fully equipped with stove, oven, crockery and cutlery.

-101t1 AVEN Horse Box Trailei, £75; double box, IV £120. Lightest on the market.

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RAVEN Trailers are fitted with balloon tyres, automatic brakes, spring tow bars.

11Q A.VEN CARAVANS offer second-hand 1930 t, caravans at prices ranging from £35 upwards. All fully equipped., fully guaranteed and as new Only a few left.

RAVEN CARAVANS. Complete range of up-todate caravan trailers for hire, 2-4 berths, 1-3 rooms, suitable for Austin 7hp. and Bentley, from 50s. per week.

-1Q AVF,N CARAVANS, 2 Ravenscourt Sq., Gold-1-10 hawk Rd., Itantinersmith. Riverside 0353. Write for catalogue, M.S. Hire-purchase terms.


HILLsEN & Co. give your Sports Car some colour. Best work in cellulose or coachpaint at reasonable prices. Ask our representative to call and furnish estimate, or phone : Prim. 2907. 29, High Street, St. John's Wood, N.W.9.