SPORTS car owners will be glad to hear of a new motor spirit which has just been put on the market by Cities Service Oil Co., Ltd., of New Oxford House, Hart Street, W.C.1., and which is called Koolinotor Alcohol Blend. As the name implies, the fuel is a mixture of No. 1 petrol and about 10% ethyl alcohol, and it is claimed that this fuel allows a higher compression to be used than any standard petrol on the market. Some of this fuel was tested in a supercharged Frazer Nash, which

has a compression ratio of about 7i to 1 at full revs., and is usually run on a mixture of 33% Benzol and 66% ethyl petrol. We found that pinking set in on full throttle but that as long as the blower pressure did not rise above 5 lbs., this did not occur. The fuel, therefore, seems suitable for cars with compression up to about 6.5 to 1, which is greater than the lead-containing motor spirits will permit. An owner of a 2.3 litre supercharged Bugatti finds that it suits his car admirably. On the average sports car the

carburettor setting is on the rich side to allow of good acceleration, so that no alteration of jet setting would be required. If the car is tuned for economy, however, it might be advisable to move up one or two jet sizes. With this reservation, the fuel seems well suited to sports cars.

Koolmotor Alcohol Blend is not yet available everywhere, but London users can get it from Morgan Hastings Ltd., 212, New Kings Road, Fulham, S.W., who supplied us with a quantity for test.