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BAD FEELING AT BROOKLANDS An Unsatisfactory Whitsun Meeting. The Difficult Question of Passing. Brackenbury (Bugatti) Runs Away with the Gold Star. Poor Mountain-Races.

THE day cannot be far distant when the B.A.R.C. Outer Circuit races will require a drastic revision of rules and regulations. Complaints by drivers of fast cars that they have difficulty in passing the cars ahead of them are no longer isolated cases, in which blame can be apportioned ; the trouble has now become :a normal accompaniment to Senior sprint races.

We refer to this matter more fully on another page of this issue. For the present, let it be said that the Whitsun Meeting was marred by a great deal of baulking, in most cases unintentional, and culminating in the Stewards peculiarly worded reprimand to F. W. Dixon, posted in the clubhouse afterwards.

A feature of the meeting was the poor quality of the Mountain races, due to the fact that road-racing cars of high performance Were all being saved for genuine road races. This was particularly to be regretted, for to many Brooklands spectators the Mountain circuit is the most interesting part of the trade.

In the first race there were four nonstarters, the most notable being the Special by Roy Eccles out of Lagonda Rapier. The story of the race is simply told. Bowler (3-litre Bentley), and Follett (Alvis), had a glorious scrap for two laps, first one and then the other being ahead. But the favourite was not to be denied. Dr. Beaver was galloping round on the old 30/0 in just the sathe way that Ropner and Coe used to of old, and by the second lap he had disposed of the seven cars between him and the leaders. He caught the latter as they swept off the Members’ Banking, having to go high in order to -pass. On the run-in he gained three lengths from Bowler, with Follett an equal distance astern. Ivan Waller brought his rebuilt Avis in fourth, followed by “Bira” (M.G.), and the scratch man, Bainton (Bugatti). Ashton-Rigby (M.G.) retired, while Monkhouse (ex-Oat a Amilcar) was very slow.


1. Dr. R. A. Beaver (Vauxhall 4;234), 25 secs.

2.E P. Bowler (Bentley 2.)96/, 54 secs. 3. C. Follett (Alvis 1,496), 50 sees.

Won by 3 lengths at 94.44 M.p.h. 3 lengths between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting: 2-1, 8-1,2-1. H

Also Ran: 3. R. odge (M.G. 1,087). 43 sees.; R. H. Day-Dewdney (Bugatti 1,496), A. C. Kelway (Bugatti 1,496); 34 secs.: P. Monkhouse (Amilcar 1,oe3). G. la Baker (Graham-Paige 5,387), 31 sees.; I. Waller (Alvis 2,211), A. Ashton-Rigby (M.G. 1,087), 28 FMCS. ” E. Bira ” (M.G. 1,087 S.), 4 secs.; A. G. Bainton (Bugatti 1,496 S.), scratch. The second race was a pretty hectic one. After a lap had been covered it was obviously Fane’s race, for his red Shelsley model Frazer-Nash was running beautifully, lapping at well over too m.p.h., and only having Thorpe’s single-seater 6 cyl. FrazerNash ahead of it. But behind these two most exciting state of affairs existed, for six cars were bunched together in a solid pack. On the Members’ Banking the situation looked what one is tempted to call “ugly.” Dunham (Alvis), Mrs. GordonSimpson (Vale), Hartwell (M.G.) and Pacey (Bentley) were completely hemming in the unfortunate “Bira,” who survived a

lurid series of lurches in his endeavour to avoid touching the surrounding motor-cars. The fastest cars were having a tough job breaking through, particularly Hartwell, Samuel and “Bira” on M.G.’s. How much tougher, then, was the. task of Mrs. Petre on the to-litre Delage, starting from scratch ! She caught up with the bunch nearly a lap from home., but prudence forbade the ,dangerous hazard of nosing past at the very top of the banking, and she very properly held back. Only on the short run down the Railway Straight was she able to give the big car its head, and in doing so she passed “Bira” and Hartwell (Magnettes) to snatch a thoroughly deserved “third.” She almost reached

Nash 1,496 S.), 35 secs.; ” B. Bira ” (M.G. 1,087 S.), 32 sees.; E. A. Bradley (ThomasSpecial 1,4t-‘3 S.), A. G. Bainton (Bugatti 1,496 S.), 28 secs.; G. Hartwell (M.G. 1,087 8.), M. A. O. (M.G. 1.087 S.), 28 sec’s. The baulking business was carried a

stage farther in the next race, when Oliver Bertram had a terrific run through from scratch, risking his all in the process.

For some time it was a ding-dong battle between the limit-man, ” Tim Davies ” and Hartwell, both on M.G.s. The latter soon wiped out a 3 secs. handicap and looked a fairly -,good tip, but mighty deeds were being enacted in the rear. Maj. Cardner with the ex-Horton single-seatae ntg. nette, was travelling at great apasd, and Was soon on the heels of the leaders.

Samuel’s Q-type Midget, failing by about a length. Fane was some so yards ahead, and averaged the creditable speed of too. 47 na p, While sympathising with Mrs. Petre on her bad luck in not getting through to win, one must not lose sight of the fart that light tdoo cc. cars lapping at over i in m.p.h. are not easy to keep low, especially when cars of only a slightly lower ma mum speed have to be passed into the bargain. Brooklands is wide, but its effective width as far as 115 nap.h, cars are concerned is very little,


1. A. F. P. FIL710 (Frazer-Nash 1.496

38 secs.

2. A. R. Samuel (M.G. 747 8.), 28 sees. 3. Mrs. K. Petre (Delage 10,688), scratch. Won by 50 yds. at 100.47 m.p.h. 1 length between 2nd and 3rd,

Betting: 10–1, 3-1. Also Ran: C. W. Windsor-Richards (Vauxhall 4,234). 50 sees.: Mrs. E. GordonSimpson (Vale 1,490 S.), 45 secs.; C. Q. H. Dunham (Alvis 2.511). Dr. R. A. Beaver (Vauxhall 4.234). 41 secs,_.; K pack)), (Bentley 4A87), T. A. W. Thorpe (Fraser Marker was having a terrifying time, declaring afterwards that his offside front wheel touched the retaining vall on three occasions ! As for Bertram, he made little or no headway for a lap, only passing 1111unday (Leyland-Thomas), and Vickers (Bugat ti), both of vhom were too slow to be in the running. t.)n the second lap Bertram passed Noble (Bugatti), Miss Evans (Q-type Midget), Marker (Bentley), and “Tim ” Davies, to get into third place, and then came the most hectic moment of the race. As the leaders came under the Members’ Bridge we saw that Hartwell (Magnette) and Gardner (Magnette) were just in front of Bertram (Delage) and Marker (Bentley). If Bertram stuck to the outer side of the banking it was doubtful whether be would catch the Magnettes before reaching the finishing line, especially as both of them ‘were fairly high. He chose to cut down beneath them, and in doing so nearly met disaster. All went well until the level straight was reached. Then the Delage gave a sickening lurch, straight towards Hartwell’s white Magnette. Only Bertram ‘a

considerable knowledge of the track saved the situation ; a less experienced driver would have certainly lost control of the sliding car. As it was, he was forced to reduce speed so much in getting the Delage straight that he was finally travelling no quicker than Hartwell. Then the enginenote of the Delage boomed forth once more and Bertram flashed past the post with a couple of lengths to spare. Behind these two, Marker just scraped into third place, half a length ahead of Gardner’s Magnette. An exciting race, but unpleasantly so.


About 61 miles.

1. 0. 13ertram (Delage 10,688), scratch. -2. R. R. K. Marker (Bentley 6,579), 20 sees.

3. G. Hartwell (M.G. 1,087 S.), 37 secs. Won by 2 lengths at 112.55 m.p.h. 4 length between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting: 5-1, 5-1, 6-1.

Also Ran: “t’. D. Davies ” (M.G. 747 S.), 40 secs.; G. P. H. Noble (Bugatti 1,990 S.), Miss D. B. Evans (M.G. 747 S.), 34 secs.; Maj. A. T. G. Gardner M.G. 1,087 S.), 31 secs.; R. J. Munday (Leyland-Thonaas 7,266). R. C. Vickers (Bugatti 2,263 S.), 20 sees. The first Mountain race was rather a

dull affair. For four out of the five laps F. W. Carr, the limit man, led the field with the streamlined Singer which Hodges used to race. C. M. White (Tracta) did a Ote-a-queue at the Fork on the first lap, ‘but otherwise the cornering was safe and steady. The interest of the race really terttered in watching the progress of the ‘favourite, D. L. Briault, who has at last got his supercharged Alta to function according to plan. On the third lap he jumped from 6th to 2nd place, but Carr had got a nice little lead. The Singer was still in front at the Fork on the last lap, but the Alta was accelerating splendidly and got home first by three lengths. Sqd.Ldr. W. Bowen-Buscarlet (Riley) was third, having driven consistently well throughout the race.


About 6 miles.

1. D. L. Briault (Alta 1,074 S.), 50 secs.

2. F. W. Carr (Singer 972), 57 sees.

3. Sqd.-Ldr. W. Bowen-Buscarlet (Riley 1,089), 40 secs. dogged by ill-luck right from the start. He was left on the line when the flag fell, and on the second lap the propellor shaft came adrift and carved a huge hole in the petrol tank. Another unfortunate was Kenneth

Won by 3 lengths at 66.23 m.p.h. Betting: Evens, 5-1, 4-1.

Also Rail: A. Powys-Lybbe (Alvis 1,496), 43 secs; H. P. Bowler (Bentley 2,996), 41 secs.; D. M. Dent (Frazer-Nash 1,496), 40 sees. ; F. Monkhouse (Amilcar 1,093) 35 sees.; E. G. Hughes (Frazer-Nash 1,4961?4r C. M. White (Traeta 1,486), 25 sees.; W. Lucas (Riley 1,089), 20 secs.; H. E. R. Torin

Evans (M.G. ‘Q.’), who burnt out a plug a few yards from the start. As to the race itself, Maclachlan led for three laps on his diminutive Austin, by which time Bartlett (Bartlett-Salmson) had wiped out his handicap of 6 seconds and led until the finish, “Mac” being a good

(Frazer-Nash 1,496), 15 sees.; L F. Connell (Vale 1,496 S.), scratch. The next race was remarkable, in the first place, for the fact that the Brooklands handicappers have at last realised that there is a little difference between the performance of a 3.3-litre Bugatti and a “two-three.” But Charles Martin was

second. Third place was taken by E. K. Rayson, with his ” variable” Bugatti. This time the engine size was 2 litres, but this did not affect his driving, which was up to the usual high standard.

SECOND WHITSUN MOUNTAIN HANDICAP. About 6 miles. 1. J. H. Bartlett

1. J. H. Bartlett (Bartlett-Salmson 1,096 S.), 40 sees.

2. A. N. L. Maclachan (Austin 747 S.). 46 secs.

3. E. K. Rayson (Bugatti 1,990 S.), 46 sees.

Won by 30 yds. at 67.29 m.p.h. 20 yds. between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting: 4-1, 5-1, 10-1.

Also Ran: C. T. Baker-Carr (Bentley 4.487), 43 secs.; G. Casswell (Frazer-Nash 1.,496), 40 secs.,..D. N. Letts (M. G. 1,087 S.). R. F. Oats (Maserati 2,811 S.), 24 sees.; P. G. Fairfield (E.R.A. 1,090 S.), K. D. Evans (M.G. 747 S.), R. S. Wilkins (AlfaRomeo 2.632 S.). 16 sees.; H. G. Dobbs (Riley 1,808), 13 sees.; A. H. L. Eccles (Bugatti 2,263 S.), 10 sees.; C. E. C. Martin (Bugatti 3,257 S.), scratch.

Now came the “Gold Star,” the most important race of the day, both financially and in respect of distance. The list of entries showed a large number of small cars, the actual figures being as follow : 75o c.c., I car; x,too c.c., five cars; 1,500 c.c., one car ; 2,000 c.c., two cars ; 3,000 c.c., four cars ; over 3,000 c.c., three cars.

Out of the entry of 16 there was only one non-starter, Lindsay Eccles, who burst a tyre of his supercharged 8-cyl. 1,500 C.C. Bugatti on the way to the starting line. From the very first it was obvious that there was going to be trouble about passing. Cyril Paul (driving Wilkins’ AlfaRomeo) set the ball rolling when he came round at the very top of the Members Banking, although still accelerating from

the start. Staniland, coming up at a great pace, had to cut right out and lose valuable time in waiting until the Railway Straight was reached before he could pass. As it was he nearly ran into the back of the Alfa, for there was absolutely no room above it. Once again the skill and experience of the driver prevented a bad accident from occurring, and one felt thankful that the Bugatti was in safe hands.

The limit man was Dunham (Speed TwentyAlvis), and he led for two laps when Samuel (Q-type Midget) went ahead. Dobbs, on the Riley II, had retired. Two more laps and Samuel shot his bolt, for the red-hot favourite, Charles Brackenbury (on Martin’s two-three Bugatti) was now on his heels. The blue twin-camshaft ” Bug ” was lapping at round the 130 m.p.h. mark, and was favoured by a clear run. His chief danger lay from Staniland, who was slowly picking up the 9 seconds start he had conceded to Brackenbury. On the fourth lap Staniland failed to appear on time, and he later drove slowly into the Paddock from the Members Banking with a tread gone. He had started with tyres that had seen many races, and it was not to be wondered that one of them cracked up under the strain of prolonged high speed.

Having caught Samuel, and with Staniland out of the way, Brackenbury was an unchallenged winner, averaging the magnificent speed of 125.37 m.p.h. Samuel was half-a-mile astern. Bertram managed to work through from scratch to third place, but the Barnato-Hassan was only re-assembled on the Saturday evening before the race and was not giving of its best. For this reason the scheduled attempt on the lap-record at the end of the meeting was abandoned.

After the race the Stewards sent for Dixon, and later issued the following notice: “The Stewards saw Mr. Dixon regarding the baulking of a car in this race, severely reprimanded him, and told him that if he cannot comply with the regulations, he had better not enter again for B.A.R.C. races.” The signatures at the foot of the notice were those of Col. Lindsay Lloyd, the Earl of Cottenham, and Sir Algernon Guinness. In forming a personal judgment on the issue, it is as well to bear in mind that for this race the area outside the black line at the Fork was open to the seven fastest drivers in the race, i.e., Bertram, Staniland, Paul, Dixon, Munday, Marker and Brackenbury. Bertram’s . task was made extremely difficult by this rule, for it is his custom to use the hallowed channel by the Vickers shed in which to pass. On this occasion, however, he was sharing this privilege with six other cars, and in order to pass Dixon he drove on the inside, a hazardous move. At the same time, in view’ of the high lap speed of these six cars, it would have been manifestly unfair, and even dangerous, to have compelled them to observe the black line


About 20 miles.

1. C. Brackenbury (Bugatti 2,263 S.). 48 secs.

2. A. R. Samuel (M.G. 747 S.). 1 m. 45 sees.

3. 0. Bertram (Barnato-Hassan 7,963), scratch.

Won by 4 mile at 125.37 m.p.h., mile between 2nd and 3rd. Betting: Even, 10-1, 4-1, Also Ran: C. G. H. Dunham (Alvis 2,611), 1 m. 57 secs.; H. G. Dobbs (Riley 1,089),

m. 54 secs.; H. T. H. Clayton (ClaytonAinilcar 1,093 S.), lm. 45 secs.; V. C. Seyd (M.G. 1,087 S.), 1.m. 41 secs.; A. A. Rigby (M.G. 1.087 S.), 1 in. 35 secs.; Maj. A. T.

Gardiner (M.G. 1,087 S.), 1 m. n sees.; A. Eason-Scott (Bugatti 1.990 S.), 56 sees.; R. R. K. Marker (Bentley 6,597), B. J. Munday(Leyland-Thomas 7,266), 45 secs.; F. W. Dixon (Riley 1,808), Cyril Paul (AlfaRomeo 2,632 S.), 42 secs.; Flt. Lt. C. S. Staniland (Bugatti 2,263 S.), 39 secs. The next race was rather tame by com parison with its predecessor. ” Man Mountain ” Charles Follet led for two laps, but then his Alvis rebelled (possibly on the grounds of overloading !). Meanwhile Dobbs was coming along very nicely on the white Riley Nine, and took second place with one lap to go. Connell, on the Vale, was also picking up places, but had been passed by Dobbs. On the last lap Dobbs went to the fore on Follett’s retirement, while Connell clung to his second place. The scratch man, Vickers, on the ex-Fotheringham 2.3 Bugatti, now Whit-Monday. No ” incidents” occurred beyond a wide skid by Ivan Waller on the

third lap. Elwes (M.G. Midget) finished fourth.


About 6 miles.

1. A. Pow ys-Lybbe (Alvis 1,496) 43 sees.

2. 1). Briault tAlta 1,074 S.1, 15 secs.

3. Sqd.-Ldr. W. Bowen-Buscar et (Riley 1.089). 35 secs.

Won by 50 yds. at 61.58 m.p.h. 100 yds. between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting: 6-1, evens, 4-1.

Also Ran: A. Clayton (Amilcar 1,053), 35 secs.; E. G. Hug-hes (Frazer-Nash 1,496), 25 seas.; H. E. R. form (Frazer-Nash 1,496), A. M. Leitch (Bugatti 1,496), 15 secs.; • J. C. Elwes (M.G. 747 S.). I. Waller (Alvis 2,211), 10 sec.; 1. F. Connell (Vale 1,496 S.), scratch. It took J. C. Elwes (M.G. J4) one lap to catch up Porter-Hargreaves (FrazerNash), and after that he stayed in first place to the very end, driving very nicely on the turns. Others who were very fast at the Fork were Fane (Frazer-Nash) and Driscoll (Austin), both of whom showed

came into the picture, and beat ” Tim Davies” (44Bentley) to take third place. Dobbs averaged the fine speed of 104.58 m.p.h. Monkhouse’s Amilcar threw a rod. with surprisingly little damage.


1. H. Dobbs (Riley 1,089), 36 sees.

2 I. F. Connell (Vale 1,496 S.), 60 sees. 3. R. C. Vickers (Bugatti 2,263 S.). ser. Won by 300 yds. at 104.68 m.p.h. 200 yds.

between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting: 3-1, 10-1. 10-1. Also Ran: C. Follett (Alvis 1,496), 1 in. 35 sees.; • R. H. Day-Dewdney (Bugatti 1,496), 1 m. lb secs.; G. L. Baker (Graham-Paige 5,387), 1 m. 10 secs.: ” T. D. Davies (Bentley 4,398), 1 m. 3 sees._; A. R. L. Eccles

(Bugatti 1,496), 57 sees.; W. W. PaceY (Bentley 4,487), 33 secs.; H. T. H. Clayton (Clayton-Amilcar 1,093 S.), 24 secs.; Miss D. B. Evans (M.G. 747 S.). 20 secs. The remaining races were run on the Mountain circuit. In the first, PowysLybbe (Alvis) held his limit lead from start to finish, and came home so yards ahead of D. L. Briault, whose Alta had been re-handicapped 15 secs. by virtue of its previous win. The Alta displaced the second-from-limit man, Bowen-Buscarlet, who finished third for the second time on

terrific wheelspin as they came out of the corner. Driscoll lost control on the fourth lap, sliding right round. That little car must be a handful; an abundance of power, and weighing only 8 cwt. Fane went out too. His Nash suffered from a combination of lost chain and loose exhaust pipe, and spilt some oil on to the track into the bargain. Porter-Hargreaves finished second, and Donald Letts third, on the Magic Magnette.

The humorous element was provided by G. P. H. Noble, on the ex-Noel Carr Bugatti. After an averagely-fast corner at the Fork he made violent movements with the steering wheel with an air of great ferocity, as much as to say, “This is what I’ll do to you if you start any of your tricks! ” But he never gave the poor car a chance.


A bout 6 miles.

1. J. C. Elwes (M.G. 747 S.) 26 sees.

2. H. H. Porter-Hargreaves 1Frazer-Nash 1,496), 31 sees. 3. D. N. Letts (M.G. 1,087 S.), 7 secs. Won by 300 yds. at 66.65 m.p.h. (Continued on Page 412)