Chalk & Harris Limited, 82, Mortimer Street, London, W.I., have lately introduced two very interesting articles of equipment which should appeal to every enthusiast. • The first is the CH ” Road to Paradise ” Horn-virtually two horns in one-as either a delightful fanfare or a tuneful melody can be obtained at will, by means of the dual control supplied. Three ele

gently chromium plated trumpets are fitted to the cellulose motor housing, and, apart from the very efficient warning qualities, the very appearance in itself commends this horn, which is priced at Lxx 15s. Secondly, there is the CH Fan which is specially designed to serve two purposes. Firstly, it can be used to cool the interior of a saloon car, and secondly, from the

sportman’s point of view, is an admirable and very effective method of dispersing engine heat from the ” cock pit.” In this latter case the Fan would be fitted beneath the dash board. A very adequate guard is provided, and finish is in chromium and aluminium. Two models are listed, the CH Senior Fan, at 40s., and the CH Junior Fan at 35s. The diameters are 61-in. and 51-in. respectively. AT BAD FEELING

The meeting closed with a good scrap in the last race between two evenlymatched cars. They were the Bugatti and E.R.A., driven by Rayson and Fairfield respectively, but they had all they could do to catch the limit man, Baker-Carr (Bentley). The latter led for nearly the whole race, and was only beaten by 30 yards on the run up the Straight.

Fairfield had 3 seconds start on Rayson, but the latter caught him and passed him right on the line, winning by the narrow margin of I length. Dobbs, on the big Riley, was a close fourth.


Kenneth Evans drove his sister’s R-type Midget, and had a lurid skid on the first lap. He attributed it largely to striking a patch of oil deposited by Fane’s Nash in the previous race. J. C. Davis was very disappointing on the if-litre Delage, which is nowadays in good form. He seemed ill at ease on the corners, and lost a lot of ground on every lap.

And so finished a meeting which has caused much heated discussion and not a little bad feeling.

FIFTH WHITSUN MOUNTAIN HANDICAP. About 6 miles. 1. E. K. Rayson (Bugatti 1.990 S.), 13 sees,

2. P. G. Fairfield (E.R.A. 1,090 S.). 16 secs.

3. C. T. Baker-Carr (Bentley 4,487), 43 secs.

Won by 1 length at 72.37 m.p.h. 30 yds. between 2nd and 3rd.

Betting; 5-1, 6-1, 8 -1.

Also Ran: J. H. Bartlett (Bartlett-Salmson 1.096 S.). 27 secs.; R. F. Oats (Maserati 2,811 S.), 24 secs.; L. P. Driscoll (Austin 747 S.). 20 secs.; A. ft. Samuel (M.G. 747 S.), K. D. Evans (M.G. 747 S.), 16 secs.: J. C. Davis (Delage 1,484 S.) H. G. Dobbs (Riley 1,808).

13 secs.; A. H. Eccles (Bugatti 2,263 S.). 10 sees.