Last year we commented, in connection with disputes that arose out of the braking test in the Scottish Rally, that it Is a responsibility of the R.A.C. Competitions Department to make sure that regulations which they pass contain no loop-holes, or to have a representative present who can quickly rectify any errors on the spot. Consequently, we are sorry to learn that once again the Scottish Rally braking test was not all it might have been. Timing over the 30 m.p.h. section was this year taken to the nearest of a second, following last year’s criticism that accurate timing over such a section to hundredths of a second was impossible. This year’s timing permitted an error of 20 per cent, in average speed, yet the test was judged on a basis of 1 mark

per second and 1 mark per foot of subsequent pull-up. Although it might be argued that anyone possessing sufficiently good navigational qualities or a really accurate speedometer deserved to reap the full benefit of the better pull-up resultant on going 19 per cent. slow, the fact remains that sixty-three competitors signed a letter of protest to the organisers. These things should not happen, particularly in big R.A.C.-controlled events. What is wrong with a really long 30 m.p.h. section, electrically timed, and only a very small error-allowance, together with stricter marking ?


Before John Cobb gets going with the Railton at Utah, George Eyston may have set his own record higher still. His

Rolls-Royce-engined ” Thunderbolt ” is now lighter, has been cleaned up externally and now uses coil in place of leaf suspension and has Lockheed servo braking.


Another V12 now graces the British market, in the form of the Atalanta with Lincoln 4.3-litre V12 engine and gearbox

unit. The Lincoln engine is installed in the Atalanta fully independently sprung chassis, a detailed description of which has appeared previously in MOTOR SPORT.

The details which tally up with those given last month in Rumblings” for the other VI 2s are :—engine size : 70 x 95 nun., 4,379 c.c. wheelbase 9 off. The saloon is priced at 040.