Reports of Recent Events, July 1947



V.C.C. Southern Hill-Climb
The results of the Veteran Car Club’s hill-climb at Charterhouse on May 17th did eventually come to hand. Best performance of the day was made by W. Boddy’s 1918 “Alphonso” Hispano-Suiza, with 0.27 marks, the runners-up being J. Hampton’s 1912 Sunbeam (0.30 marks), and H. Bridcut’s 1912 “Alphonso” Hispano-Suiza (0.32 marks). On formula as well as speed the Edwardians vanquished the Veterans, but outstanding amongst the latter were Col. Alcock’s 1901 de Dion Bouton and F. Hutton-Stott’s 1908 Lanchester (0.50 marks each), while the most rapid veteran was Capt. Oliver’s 1902 Mercédès (51.4 sec.). The class results were: —

Veterans 1899-1900: 1st, W. Pilmore-Bedford (4 1/2-h.p. de Dion Bouton), 0.90 marks.
Veterans 1901-1902: 1st, Col. Alcock (4 1/2-h.p. de Dion Bouton), 0.50 marks; 2nd, Capt. Oliver (30-h.p. Mercédès), 0.53 marks.
Veterans 1903-1904: 1st, F. Hutton-Stott (12-h.p. Lanchester), 0.50 marks; 2nd, Major Estler (6-h.p. Siddeley), 0.53 marks.
Edwardians 1905-1907: 1st, R. Knibbs (6-h.p. Rover), 0.53 marks; 2nd, E. Morgan (6-h.p. de Dion Bouton), 0.57 marks).
Edwardians 1908-1911: 1st, A. Heal (25.6-h.p. Hutton), 0.36 marks; 2nd, H. Timmis (15.9-h.p. Mercédès), 0.37 marks.
Edwardians 1912-1916: 1st. W. Boddy (15.9-h.p. Hispano-Suiza), 0.27 marks; 2nd, J. Hampton (15.9-h.p. Sunbeam), 0.30 marks.

The six fastest times were: —
A. Heal (Hutton) … 43.8 sec.
(not 44.2 sec. as given provisionally)
H. Bridcut (Hispano-Suiza) … 45.6 sec.
S. Sears (Rolls-Royce) … 46.0 sec.
W. Boddy (Hispano-Suiza) … 46.4 sec.
W/Cdr. Anderson (Rolls-Royce) 50.0 sec.
J. Hampton (Sunbeam) … 51.0 sec.
F. Hutton-Stott (Lanchester) … 51.0sec.

S.U.N.B.A.C. Evening Trial
Wharton’s Wharton made best showing amongst the open cars. Archer’s Standard headed the closed jobs.

Southsea M.C. Speed Hillclimb, Horndean
Another speed hill-climb, confined to Club members driving sports cars, was held on May 24th. Collins’ Oldsmobile won the saloon class, being somewhat faster than Morren-Wilkins’ early Essex Terraplane. The small open car class saw a Riley “Imp” beat a J4 M.G., after which times improved considerably. Best did some fine ascents in his blown “PB” M.G., snatching a lovely change from 1st to 2nd, and Morrish’s blown “PB” wasn’t much slower. Hanman’s blown 750-c.c. M.G. suffered engine bothers and Mann’s similar car had a troublesome clutch and misfired. The two larger classes were won by Leonard’s deceptively-standard-looking blown M.G.”Magnette,” its front wheels flapping wildly, but Allard’s 20-sec. record was not broken. Raymond Way’s 2-litre B.M.W., 4 cwt. lighter than standard by reason of a special body and radiator cowl, had fuel feed troubles early on, but did one run in 22.2 sec. Jacob’s blown “T” M.G. was 3rd in its class. The unlimited class saw Leslie Allard’s Mercury Allard second to Leonard, and Parker’s 3 1/2-litre Jaguar 3rd, just beating Len Parker’s V12 Allard. Matthews’ badge laden 2 1/2-litre Jaguar indulged in slides after the start, Dryden went off in the wrong gear in his Jaguar on one run. Mrs. Fry (B.M.W.) was amongst those who eased up before the finish, and Miss King, in the Dryden Jaguar, blipped round the straight, as it were. Crook, in the ex-Hugh Hunter “2.9” Mille Miglia Alfa-Romeo, dug trenches at the start and couldn’t better 22.5 sec. Parker’s N-type M.G. chassis with 2 1/2-litre Jaguar engine went well, and a Jeep did 28.0 sec. Onslow-Bartlett’s queer Mercury-engined Special with ex-Allard body, was excluded as not being a sports car. Timing was by hand, the organisation slick and the crowd a large one.

Saloon Cars: 1st, R. Collins (Oldsmobile), 26.6 sec. 2nd, D. Morren-Wilkins (Essex), 27.0 sec. 3rd A. Hollings (Pontiac), 28.4 sec.
Open Cars up to 1,100 c.c.: 1st, J. Payne (Riley), 28.0 sec. 2nd, G. Coles.(M.G.), 29.2 sec.
Open Cars up to 1,500 c.c.: 1st, G. Best (M.G.), 22.0 sec. 2nd, A. Morrish (M.G.), 22.9 sec. 3rd, A. Baring (Riley), 23.6 sec.
Open Cars up to 2,500 c.c.: 1st, L. Leonard (M.G.), 21.0 sec. 2nd, G. Best (M.G.), 21.7 sec. 3rd, R. Jacobs (M.G.), 22.6 sec.
Open Cars Unlimited: 1st, L. Leonard (M.G.), 20.7 sec. 2nd, L. Allard (Allard), 21.0 sec. 3rd, D. Parker (Jaguar), 22.0 sec.

Cemian M.C. Kent Cup Trial
This event was won by O. Williams (“T” M.G.) and the equivalent visitor’s award went to V. S. A. Biggs (H.R.G.). 1st Class Awards: Adams (H.R.G.), Day (Jeep), Yates (Ford-Austin). 2nd-Class Awards: Greig (M.G.), Bangs (Lea-Francis), Palmer (P.S. Special), Clarke (Alvis). The Harrow C.C. took the Team Award.

Chester M.C. Invitation Trial
Best performance in this event was made by Tyrer’s B.M.W. Pritchard’s Allard scored a 1st-Class Award and Pilkington’s M.G. a 2nd-Class Award.

W. Hants and Dorset C.C. Hartweill Cuo Trial
Caldwell’s Riley Twelve beat everyone. 1st-Class Awards were won by Dyer’s Riley Nine and Bartlett’s Ford, while Bryant’s Singer and Hartwell’s Sunbeam-Talbot took 2nd-Class Awards.

N.Z.N.S.C.C. Boot Memorial Trial
Held over a difficult course, this New Zealand Northern S.C.C. trial was won by J. O’Callahan’s Ford Ten, with R. Roycroft’s Riley Nine “Kestrel” and B. Tappenlen’s Pontiac runners-up. It is sad to learn that Hemus’ 1922 T.T. straight-eight 3-litre Sunbeam first of all came to rest on its base chamber on sticky clay, and later retired with a broken oil-pipe.

Nimes G.P.
This race was a battle between Luigi Villoresi’s 16-valve Maserati and Chiron’s unblown 4 1/2-1itre Talbot, the former finally getting the chequered flag, after averaging 62.1 m.p.h. for 227 miles, time 3 h. 41 min. 7.4 sec. Chiron was second only to Villoresi, with Parnell’s E.R.A. 3rd and Mays (E.R.A.) 4th, well ahead of the Maseratis of Raph, Pozzi, Ashmore and Plate. It was a case of Luigi leading all the way but having to refuel, which nearly put the Talbot, which needed no fuel, ahead and probably would have done had it not grazed a wall. The winning Maserati also made fastest lap, at 63.86 m.p.h.

Piacenza Sports Car Races
After the new Ferrari had fallen out with fuel pump failure, the Maserati Sixes of Barbieri and Angiolini ran home 1st and 2nd, Barbieri averaging 66.46 m.p.h. in a car having three carburetters to replace the usual supercharger. But in the 1,100-c.c. race Righetti, in a Stanguelli-Fiat, won at 66.77 m.p.h., while the 750-c.c race went to Avalle’s Fiat, at 59.3 m.p.h.

B.O.C. Club Meeting, Prescott
The Prescott Club Meeting really was exciting. Although the course was dry it was quite slippery and that led to more breathtaking moments than ever before. Strang spoilt his first run, spinning the Strang 500 round going into the Esses, Aikens did likewise with the Aiken 500 at the first corner, while Gerard (E.R.A.) and Bear (Type 51 Bugatti) also spun round in the road. Later Bear did it again in his 1 1/2-litre Bugatti. Then Sydney Allard, in spite of twin 5.00 by 18 rear Dunlops (he had 5.75 by 16 Dunlop E.L.P. tyres on the front wheels) shot through the hedge at the semi-circle and landed well out in the field in the single-seater Allard. It was left to E. Pool to have a proper accident, which severely damaged his beautiful 2-litre G.P. Bugatti, when it hit a tree after getting quite out of control going up to the Esses. These incidents cut down the number of runs timed and there were a fair number of non-starters, while Gilbey (Maserati) and Major Vaughan (Becke) were quite rightly disqualified for rushing about the public road in untaxed cars, after the police had asked that a stop be put to such testing — such people bring motoring sport into disrepute.

Gerard, in his white 2-litre E.R.A. made f.t.d. in 48.03 sec. in the Team class, while R. E. Ansell, untidy on his first run, tied with Allard for second fastest time, in 48.71 sec. The 500-c.c. cars did well, beating those up to 750 c.c., against which they had to run; Brandon’s Cooper 500 being fastest, in 52.03 sec., an unofficial Class I record. Mrs. Darbishire, in her blown 1,488-c.c. Riley, set an unofficial ladies’ record, in 51.18 sec.— but records are not observed at Prescott Club meetings. The class results tell their own story, but Heal in his 1924 Sunbeam, Sleight driving his ex-Abecassis Alta for the first time, Perkins (H.R.G.) and Rowley (Bugatti) deserve mention for decent driving. Those who hung about included Mrs. Willis (B.M.W.), Slater (Riley), Finden (Alfa-Romeo), MacLeod-Carey (Alfa-Romeo), G. C. Dix (Alfa-Romeo), Sir D. Gamble (Invicta), D. Monro in the Hudson-Morris Skinner coupé, Collins (K.P.L.) and Buck (Bugatti). We hope they will be quicker next time. Rohll (“2.3” Alfa-Romeo) appeared to be repeatedly touring up the hill, but was faster than many of the foregoing. Oddly, no Edwardians ran.

The Paddock was an interesting spot. The Allard was having new valves fitted on the eve of the meeting; Bear had de Ramm front shock absorbers on his Type 51 Bugatti, with Telecontrol at the rear; Whincop ran his Type 51 equipped as a sports-car; Sleight, who came in a Healey, had never driven a racing car before, apart from airfield practice; Rowley’s Type 35C Bugatti had a pre-selector box and no exhaust manifold, and Tyrer’s fast “328” B.M.W. was the ex-Crossley car. There was a happy informal atmosphere all day, in which Wyer discussed with Hampton the braking system of his Type 57S Bugatti coupé, Marechal talked with a total stranger of his fast “Speed Six” Bentley, and a German P.O.W. looked on dazedly as B.M.W. after B.M.W. attacked the hill. Regrettably, lots of competitors drove home without wiping off their racing numbers.

Sports Cars up to 1 1/2 Litres Un-S/C: 1st., E. Newton (H.R.G.), 53.15 sec.; 2nd, D. Pitt (M.G.), 55.26 sec.; 3rd, A. Baring (Riley), 55.54 sec.
Sports Cars up to 1 1/2 Litres , S/C: 1st. K. Bear (Type 51A Bugatti), 53.58 sec.; 2nd, J. Bowles (Austin), 56.81 sec.
Sports Cars up to 1 1/2 – 3 Litres Un-S/C: 1st, G. Jason-Henry (Riley), 53.02 sec.; 2nd, G. Tyrer (B.M.W.), 53.48 sec.; 3rd, D. Prosser (B.M.W.), 54.69 sec.
Sports Cars up to 1 1/2 – 3 Litres S/C: 1st, E. Landon (Alfa-Romeo), 52.09 sec.; 2nd, A. Whincop (Type 51 Bugatti), 52.12 sec.; 3rd, T. Walters (Type 55 Bugatti), 53.80 sec.
Sports Cars up to Over 3 Litres, Un-S/C: 1st, R. Dryden (Jaguar), 53.62 sec.; 2nd, L. Potter (Allard), 53.82 sec.; 3rd, G. Mansell (Allard), 54.16 sec.
Sports Cars Over 3 Litres, S/C: 1st, K. Bear (Type 50 Bugatti), 52.75 sec.
Racing Cars up to 750 c.c.: 1st, E. Brandon (Cooper 500), 52.03 sec.; 2nd, C. Strang (Strang 500), 53.19 sec.; 3rd, F. Aikens (Aiken 500), 53.33 sec.
Racing Cars, 751 c.c. to 1 1/2 Litres: lst, R. Ansell (E.R.A.), 48,71 sec.; 2nd, G. Sleight (Alta), 51.02 sec.; 3rd, Mrs. Darbishire (Riley), 51.18 sec.
Racing Cars, 11/2-2 Litres: 1st F. Gerard (E.R.A.), 48.56 sec.; 2nd, J. Rowley (Type 35C Bugatti), 50.51 sec.; 3rd, A. Heal (1924 Sunbeam), 52.16 sec.
Racing Cars Over 2 Litres: 1st, S. Allard (Allard), 48.71 sec.; 2nd, K. Bear (Type 51 Bugatti), 49.49 sec.; 3rd, A. Whincop (Type 51 Bugatti), 51.53 sec.
Handicap: 1st, N. Bond-Williams (Aston-Martin); 2nd, J. Bowles (Austin); 3rd, G. Sleight (Alta).
“Specials” Class: 1st, C. Strang (Strang 500), 53.19 sec.; 2nd, J. Norris (Norris-Special), 53.91 sec.
Team Class: 1st, Team No. 2: Aikens (Aiken 500), Ansell (E.R.A.), Gerard (E.R.A.), 152.36 sec., 2nd, Team No. 1: Bond-Williams (Aston-Martin); Newton (H.R.G.), Rowley (Bugatti), 157.45 sec.

M.C.C. “Edinburgh” Trial
The following car drivers won Premier Awards in the classic “Edinburgh” Trial which the M.C.C. revived at Whitsun: —
E. Grimrod (Riley), K. Scales (M.G.), H. Morgan (Riley), C. A. N. May (Ford), K. Delingpole (H.R.G.), G. Mansell (Allard), C. Ryley (M.G.), D. Hase (M.G.), G. Tyrer (B.M:W.), H. Grove (M.G.), H. Melby (Riley), G. Couzens (M.G.), D. Campbell (Morgan), P. Morgan (Morgan), W. Goodall (Morgan), L. Moore (Ford), M. Fishleigh (Wolseley), W. Attwater ( B.M.W.), A. Frost, (B.M.W.), S. Frost (Standard), A. Fletcher (M.G.), R. Holt (M.G.), G. Holt (M.G.). L. Potter (Allard). F. Morrish (Frazer-Nash), M Hayward (Bayliss-Thomas), R. Hellyar (Singer), C. Crossby (Vauxhall), C. Nicholl (M.G.), S. Black (M.G.), D. Leffman (M.G.), N. Roundhill (Jaguar), J. Erlich (Ford), K. Burgess (Allard), J. Appleton (Allard), D. Wood-Dow (H.R.G.), E. Ellis (B.M.W.), G. Coaker (Austin), A. Denyer (Lea-Francis), D. Murkett (M.G.), S. Tett (Ford). The Morgan “4/4” team (Morgan, Goodall and Symons) won the One-Make Team Award, and May’s Ford, Delingpole’s H.R.G. and Mansell’s Allard the Mixed-Team Award.

The Blackpool Rally
This event, consisting of some 260 miles of road-driving and a number of special tests at Blackpool, attracted over 100 entries and was a well-deserved victory for Ken Wharton’s spartan Ford Ten-engined Austin Seven Special. Wharton was outstanding in the special tests, clocking 9.8 sec. at Higher Hodder and 35.8 sec. in the “Scissors” test. In the Monte Carlo type test Potter’s Allard was outstanding.

Best Performance in the Rally: K. Wharton (Wharton Special), 105.2 sec.
Runner-Up; L. Potter (Allard), 106 secs.
Best Closed Car: T. C. Harrison (Ford 10-h.p. Anglia), 123.4 sec.
Ladies Prize: Mrs. K. Hague (Riley Sprite).

Class Winners
Open Cars up to 10 h.p.: K. Wharton (Wharton Special).
Closed Cars up to10 h.p.: T. C. Harrison (Ford).
Open Cars, 10-15 h.p.: J. F. A. Clough (Riley Sprite), 115.4 secs.
Closed Cars, 10-15 h.p.: A. H. Birrell (2-litre Sunbeam-Talbot), 131.4 sec.
Open Cars Over 15 h.p.: L. Potter (Allard).
Closed Cars Over 15 h.p.: J. A. Edgar (2 1/2-litre Riley), 127.4 sec.
Supercharged Cars: A. G. Imhof (Allard, S.), 111.2 secs.
Team Prize: “Candidi Provocatores” (Allard), 355.2 sec.

Other Winners
V. Pilkinton’s M.G. won the Stramongate Trophy Trial, S. Rowlands’ Ford Ten the Captain Stott Trophy Trial, and M. Bolton’s Aston-Martin the Darlington and D.M.C. Treasure Hunt.