The Paddle Wheel

The paddle-wheel, precursor of the screw propeller, was perhaps seen in its most attractive form in driving the Mississippi stern-wheelers. Those were the craft on which Samuel Clements was pilot, and first adopted as his literary pseudonym the leadsman's cry of "Mark Twain." From time to time the stern-wheel stuck, and it then became the duty of all hands and the cook to restart it by jumping up and down on the floats. A primitive method, but effective — if you jumped clear in time.

Stern-wheelers and showboats have almost passed into history, but new history in transport is being made by the Dunlop car tyre. Here is the culmination of years of laboratory research, experiment and testing. 2,000 extra teeth to grip the road, moulded knife cuts for skid resistance, wider and flatter tread and scientifically graduated ribs to distribute the load, greater depth of effective tread pattern enabling it to last as long as the tyre itself — these are the features which make this new tyre a worthy successor to the Dunlop tyres which have gone before.

Dunlop — the World's Maser Tyre