Vintage Veerings




I should like to clear up the mystery of the Happiest-days-of-your-life Salmson (ML 2243).

I am the latest owner of the car, and can vouch for the fact that she is the original 1,295-c.c. French Salmson owned by Mr. W. G. Battersby, of Enfield, with a new and light body fitted.

The statement that the engine has 2,468 c.c. seems unaccountable. She is not a “Salmson-Special ‘—I -am not addicted to “bitzas.” The body is the only unoriginal fitment, together with the Autovac; but, as Mr. Battersby points out in your Vintage Veerings for May, the previous 20 cwt. of the car did not tend to make her an “exciting means of locomotion.”

The radiator has been lowered and moved forwards, and the light body is of aluminium and wood (two-seater) with slab tank and spare wheel. The steering (three-quarter turn lock to lock), brakes and roadholding leave nothing to be desired, and the engine itself is in good trim. No maximum speed has been established, though, prior to a complete engine overhaul now in progress, an easy 75 was reached and held with not undue slap. The exterior exhaust seen in the film was a dummy.

The motor-car is quite potent—her performance belying her 23 years of existence.

                                                                       I am, Yours, etc.,

                                                                                           GERARD B. BELTON,

Camberley.                                                                                                                               Officer Cadet.