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F. & E. Stoneham, booksellers, have issued a most interesting list of motoring books. This little publication contains introductions by the Editor of MOTOR SPORT and lists not only the current motoring works, with notes on each, but a fascinating list, with details, of many out-of-print motoring books. Collectors will find this list of absorbing interest. Copies are available free, by calling at Stoneham’s New Bridge Street branch (1, 2 & 3. Station Buildings, E.C.4) or by writing to them for a copy.

* * *

A useful booklet of 63 pages, entitled “Car Care,” has been issued by C. C. Wakefield and Co. Ltd., 46, Grosvenor Street, W.1. It will help you to get the best results from unrationed petrol and copies are available on written application, mentioning MOTOR SPORT.