Good Sport At B.A.R.C. Members Meeting

J. C. C. Mayers (Lester-M.G.) Retains His Lead for the "Motor Sport" Brooklands Memorial Trophy. Jason-Henry (Delahaye) Wins Fastest Race and Craig's Jaguar Sets Fastest Lap, at 79.3 m.p.h.

B.A.R.C. held another of its truly enjoyable Members' Meetings at Goodwood, in the Brooklands tradition, on June 17th. The battle for the MOTOR SPORT Brooklands Memorial Trophy and £50 prize continued and, although J. C. C. Mayers, straight back from the I.O.M., blotted his copybook by stalling on the line, he retains his lead by 1 1/2 marks from Guy Gale and R. F. Peacock, with Molyneux and Sutherland tying for third place, half a mark inferior to the second place men! The full placings appear after this report.

A most impressive sight in the Paddock was the R. R. C. Walker Delahaye and Gale Darracq in adjacent bays, attended respectively by a Delahaye saloon and Darracq coupé--tres Continental! Haesendonck's M.G. lost a rod in practice. Latest addict of the vintage Humber cult, Charles Meisl was using his 1929 "16/50" tourer as a course-patrol car.

First Five-Lap Scratch Race

Mayer had a front row position but stalled. For three laps Ruddock's Meadows-H.R.G. led Sutherland's "TC" M.G. and Keen's "Le Mans", but Mayers, driving splendidly, had moved from sixth place on lap one to third by lap four. Thus they finished. Moss in the M.G. Cooper had trouble and was fifth.

1st : G. A. Ruddock (H.R.G.), won by 6.8 sec. at 71.58 m.p.h.

2nd : J. T. Sutherland (M.G.).

3rd : J. C. C. Mayers (Lester-M.G).

Fastest lap : Moss (Cooper), 74.5 m.p.h.

Second Five-Lap Scratch Race

Rather a procession, but Woods' M.G. caught Filer's M.G. on the fourth lap, but just failed to catch Molyneux.

1st : R. E. Molyneux (M.G.), won by 0.8 sec. at 65.91 m.p.h.

2nd : L. J. Woods (M.G.).

3rd : E. W. Filer (M.G.).

Fastest lap : Molyneux and Woods (M.G.), 67.0 m.p.h.

Third Five-Lap Scratch Race

Again the first three---Peacock's "328" B.M.W., Mortimer's "Silverstone" Healy and Brise's 2 1/2-litre Jaguar---kept that order throughout. Peacock had a vast advantage but Brise had a stiff task to fend off Yates' "Silverstone" Healey, Brise and Tony Crook upset the officials by creeping like Continentals on the grid, and Crook retired because the cigarette lighter fuse blew and cut the sparks in the Bristol engine of his Frazer-Nash. We had the edifying sight of Rogers' 2 1/2 litre Riley saloon easily beating Eastmead's Healey saloon.

1st : R. F. Peacock (B.M.W.), won by 6.8 sec, at 75.10 m.p.h.

2nd : C. K. Mortimer (Healey).

3rd : J. K. B. Brise (Jaguar).

Fastest lap : Peacock (B.M.W), 75.10 m.p.h.

Fourth Five-Lap Scratch Race

Again those positions that matter were decided from lap one. Only five ran and Gale, despite seemingly better brakes on the Darracq, just couldn't catch the Delahaye of Jason-Henry, although he lapped faster. Exciting!

1st: G. Jason-Henry (Delahaye) won by 0.4 sec. at 75.94 m.p.h.

2nd : G. Gale (Darracq).

3rd : J. H. Craig (Jaguar).

Fastest lap : Gale (Darracq), 78.26 m.p.h.

First Five-Lap Handicap

Williamson, crouching, second on his 3-litre Bentley, got nearly a lap's start from the Delahaye, now on scratch. He led for two circuits, then Craig's very rapid 3 1/2-litre Jaguar came by, nor could Peacock's B.M.W. or Crook's Frazer-Nash catch it. This time Mrs. Mortimer crept on the grid but, we believe, was excused an interview with Schoolmaster Morgan! Rogers' Riley saloon, tail sliding at the Paddock bend on lap four, did well to finish ninth. Peacock's silencer was trailing at the end but no one seemed to mind.

1st : J. H. Craig (Jaguar), won by 2.4 sec. at 73.84 m.p.h.

2nd : R. F. Peacock (B.M.W.).

3rd : T. A. D. Crook (Frazer-Nash).

Fastest lap : Craig (Jaguar), 79.3 m.p.h.

Second Five-Lap Handicap

On the grid Mrs. Mortimer's Healey and Miss Peggy Lambert's Lester-M.G. were on scratch together, and Spindler's 1,750-c.c. Alfa-Romeo ticked over with a beautiful blower-noise. He and Render (Allard), arriving on resoled tyres, had had to borrow other wheels. Leith's ''TD" M.G. led for two laps, then Goodhew's 4 1/2-litre Lagonda team-car passed it into Woodcote, going splendidly. Render had a fine dice with Mrs. Mortimer. She passed Spindler on the wrong side in a traffic jam out of Woodcote, and Render overtook Brise's Jaguar right on Woodcote itself. Exciting! Peggy Lambert was outhandicapped, but her Lester-M.G. made nice noises-off and Spindler pulled in.

1st : J. Goodhew (Lagonda) won by 12.8 sec. at 70.98 m.p.h.

2nd : D. D. Render (Allard).

3rd : Mrs. C. K. Mortimer (Healey).

Fastest lap: Mrs. Mortimer (Healey), 77.10 m.p.h.

Third Five-Lap Handicap

Templer carefully shut the windows of his bored-out F.I.A.T 500 coupé before the start and Kehoe (Riley) smiled happily but was beaten by Watling-Greenwood's very well streamlined R.W.G. when his group was released. Gilbert's special H.R.G. and le Metacalfe's Balilla F.I.A.T. engaged in a fine duel, the former giving the latter plenty of room at the run-in and being beaten by less than one length! Kehoe's "Brooklands" Riley couldn't catch Cuff-Miller's similar car and retired, as did the Buckler, the Shorrocks blower of which has taken to seizing-up. Filer, bauIked for a while, was third.

1st : C. le S. Metcalfe (F.I.A.T.), won by 0.2 sec. at 62.25 m.p.h.

2nd : J. C. G. Gilbert (H.R.G.).

3rd: E. W. Filer (M.G.).

Fastest lap : Keen (H.R.G.), 70.20 m.p.h.

Fourth Five--Lap Handicap

Crouching low, Constable held the lead until lap four, when Sutherland and Parker in the old Frazer-Nash "Patience" caught him. Trouble beset the neat 2 1/2-litre S.S. Jaguette (s/c.). Ruddock's H.R.G. and Jacobs' M.G.

1st : J. T. Sutherland (M.G.), won by 2.2 sec. at 69.93 m.p.h.

2nd : D. Parker (Frazer-Nash).

3rd : W. P. U. Constable (M.G.).

Fastest lap : Goodhew (Lagonda), 75.8 m.p.h.

Fifth Five-Lap Handicap

In the last race Molyneux had things comfortably in hand, and John Cooper, wearing Moss' helmet, and the M.G.Cooper, came through strongly to second place. Kingston's "J4" M.G. retired.

1st : R. E. Molyneux (M.G.), won by 6.8 sec. at 65.74 m.p.h.

2nd : J. Cooper (Cooper).

3rd : H. Lester (Lester-M.G.).

Fastest lap : J. Cooper (Cooper), 73.65 m.p.h.