-and V.M.C.C. 3rd Banbury Run (July 29th)

There were 144 entries as we close for press, including many very interisting specimens. Among them were an 1898 Empress Tricycle driven by spur gears, singie speed, a 1902 Zedei 211 c.c. driven by flat belt, 1904 “Tom Silver” 392-c.c. Quadrant, 1908 Singer 210 c.c., and not registered until 1950, 1914 Bradbury 554 c.c. with N.S.U. two-speed gear, 1912 Indian 998 c.c., 1912 Rudge 499 c.c. (actual I.O.M. machine), 1914 Triumph 550 c.c. with original Gloria wicket sidecar and sprung wheel.

Other machines run up to 1930, with ‘Ulster” Rudges, Sunbeams, a hoard of Scotts, some A.B.C.s, A.J.S., Douglas, etc.

Rex Judd has entered his Wilkinson T.A.C., 1911 four-cylinder, shaft drive, etc.  Edgar Marshall will be on his 1914 Douglas and Oliver Langton (of Speedway fame) will be riding a 1902 Zedei with flat-belt drive.  This run replaces the Banbury-Birmingham Run.  Spectators will be assured an interesting time from 9.30 a.m. until the late afternoon; the run starts and finishes at the Whateley Hall Hotel, Horse Fair, Banbury, at 10.31 a.m. om July 29th.