V.S.C.C. Silverstone (June 23rd)

This attracted a fine entry, and resulted in excellent racing.  V. J. Hern’s 1926 Amilcar Six won the eight-lap 1908 G.P. Itala Trophy Race, hotly pursued by Sam Clutton’s famous V12 Delage, which, devoid of appreciable braking power, had to be contecnt with second place.  Driven to the meeting, the Delage cheerfully reached its “fun” on the way.  Dr. Ewen’s 1908 Itala never went better, but was beaten by Firkin’s effective 1913 Darracq and Samelson’s 1914 Rolls-Royce chassis in the Edwardian Race.  A 7.5 Citroen had the audacity to compete in a four-lap scratch race and was duly swamped very early in the proceedings.

On the following day, a V.S.C.C. Light-Car Trial took place.  The field varied from a 1919 Stellite to a 1930 Riley Nine.  After a road section run to a stiff schedule with sealed bonnets, the cars made observed ascents of Sun Rising and Middle Tysoe hills, with an optional re-start for bonus marks on the later.  They then indulged in driving tests, handicapped on an age capactiy basis, the event admirably conceived by A. J. Fisher.

1st: M. W. R. Henson (1924 Anzani-A.C.); 2nd: J. A. R. Grice (1923 906-c.c. Jowett; 3rd: R. H. Marks (1925 A.C.); 4th: E. T. Wheller (“8 18” Talbot).